Rock Till You Drop with Ingrid Botha

with Ingrid Botha

Tuesday 20:00 – 22:00

I have only one “today”, and will make the best of it !

I love life, and love living it; no regrets allowed !

Born and bred in Pretoria, Ingrid was raised in a conservative Afrikaans household.

She excelled in sports such as athletics, netball, gymnastics and ballet, but was also progressing into an outstanding pianist.

I gave up piano, because I wanted to play rock songs, and was only allowed to play Bach and Beethoven ! As a grownup, I realized it was a huge mistake. The classical scenario of “cutting off your nose to spite your face”. But instead of brooding over my bad choice, I have taken up playing the piano again. Yes, I have missed a few vital years, but better late than never !

From an early age, Ingrid loved turning up the radio, choreographing her own little dance routines. This passion and enthusiasm led Ingrid to become a professional ballroom and latin dancer at the age of seventeen.

Ingrid also qualified in fashion design and public relations, but her heart was in music and performing arts.

There was a time in my life, that I went out seven nights a week, to go listen to live performing bands ! I never slept, but learnt so much. From the side lines, I noticed how the bands got ripped off by the venue owners, but I also noticed the unprofessional conduct of the artists.

September 1999, Ingrid opened the doors of Rock Till You Drop Management and Promotions. She quickly made name for herself in a male dominated industry as a “no nonsense, what you see is what you get, girl.”

Ingrid met Leon Economides, The Rockit Scientist, in October 1999 at a

David’s Confession gig in Pretoria. He commented on her “unusual voice” and asked whether she would be interested in getting involved with some radio work.

I just started my business and I felt that I needed to stay focused on my goals.

In February 2002, Ingrid married South Africa’s singing drummer,

Ghapi (Philip Botha)

It was the best day of my life ! Everything was black; from my leather outfit to the candles. We arrived on Harley’s and played rock songs in church ! And just incase you’re frowning; it was a religious ceremony.

From being “Miss” Botha, to being “Mrs” Botha ! How is that for good planning ? !

April 2008, Ingrid bumped into Leon Economides at the Razor Reunion gig. Once again he asked whether she would be interested in radio work . . .

Thanks to:

Leon Economides:

for introducing me to radio and creating an awesome opportunity for me.

93.8 FM Radio Midrand:

for keeping rock alive and giving us the facility to do so.

Phil Wright:

for all the advise and for being there when I took my first step on air

The controllers / producers / engineers:

for being patient and laughing with me when I make mistakes

All the rock bands:

for sticking to it even when we all know times are tough; and for giving me hours of joy through your music

You, the supporter of my show:

for tuning in, and for supporting rock music !

Some of the bands featured on Rock Till You Drop with Ingrid:


Albert de Wet

Alice Cooper



Bad Company

Bad English



David’s Confession

Def Leppard

Dire Straits

Don Henley

Dream Theatre


Gary Moore




Gravity’s Grace


Joe Satriani



Kingdome Come


Linkin Park




One day Remains



Richard Marx

Richie Sambora



Steve Lukather

The Cult

Van Halen



ZZ Top


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