Playlist for Tamara Jeunette – Thursday 10 December 2009

Band Track Album Year
A Perfect Circle Thinking of You Mer de Noms 2000
Porcupine Tree Sleep Together Fear of a Blank Planet 2007
Karnivool Sewn & Silent Themata 2007
Chevelle Straight Jacket Fashion Vena Sera 2007
Deftones Minerva Deftones 2003
The Butterfly Effect A Slow Descent Imago 2006
Evergrey Obedience Monday Morning Apocalypse 2006
Hurt Overdose Vol. 1 2006
Tool Hooker with a Penis Aenema 1996
After Forever Evoke After Forever 2007
Epica Mother of Light Consign to Oblivion 2005
Eluveitie Slania’s Song Slania 2008
Criminal Walking Dead Sicario 2005
Bloodsimple Red Harvest Red Harvest 2007
Hellyeah Matter of Time Hellyeah 2007
In Flames Alias A Sense of Purpose 2008
Dark Tranquility Nothing to No-one Fiction 2008
Into Eternity Prelude to Woe / Tides of Blood The Incurable Tragedy 2008
Manimal The Darkest Room The Darkest Room 2009
Hammerfall Fury of the Wild Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken 2005
Jeff Loomis Miles of Machines Zero Order Phase 2007

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