South Africa shines with rock aficionados

Source and date of article unconfirmed

South Africa may be on the tip of Africa but not short of rock professors and genre experts rivaling even mother England. The eighties were literally owned by ‘Rock Professor’ Chris Prior who specialized in a Texan brand of blues namely Lynyrd Skynyrd , Steve Miller Band while his West Coast rock even vented Steely Dan. In the last days of apartheid Mr Prior plugged aimlessly converting thousands even as far off as Zambia and Zimbabwe who could pick up the SAFM transmission. On his side Prog expert Leon Economides joined him for the ‘Priority Special’ with Leon expelling a flow of Prog bands that few have heard of. Mr Economides ranked as the fifth most knowledgeable Prog aficionado globally continues to feature his Prog on numerous community stations namely ‘Radio Today.’ On the jazz rock diversion Rafe Levine a knowledgeable rock expert having presented radio for almost thirty years rates # 36th globally, but has now fully retired. Richard Haslop’s ‘Roots to Fruits’ on SAFM 104-107 is now globally one of the top seven folk radio shows in the world. Haslop occasionally taints his folk fillings with garage rock and although respectable has infuriated the purists. Nevertheless Haslop always wins with his overload of Folk history roots and punk expounding. Haslop was recently voted by the Swedish polls at a solid #2 globally with Mr Economides not too far behind. On the windy tip of ‘World Cup’ Cape Town Shiloh Noone, a rock author with his recent Record Collector 4star review has received superb acclamation in the psychedelic realm with Shindig, Mojo and Record Collector magazines, possibly as the worlds best when it comes the esoteric side of sixties rock. Another Community station / ex Pirate radio presenter (Israeli’s ‘Voice Of Peace’) Shiloh has an excellent all round knowledge of various genres, particularly respected by America’s Del – Fi Records for his ‘Surf Guitar’ history. Rolling Stone Magazine even courted his articles, as did the BBC. Shiloh has recently focused strongly on the Euro sector, namely Portugal, Holland and Germany where his support has been more than unanimous. Mr Noone’s ratings are #6 in Europe and dropping plus a solid # 28 in London, who seldom rate outsiders. More recently the flag has been flown by a past rock musician Benji Moody although his choices lack introspection and are erratically displayed. Perhaps soccer fans will received mere than ball entertainment next year as they tune in on those sandy beaches.

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