Playlist: Robert Laing

Joe Blog 8PM to 11PM

Purely current local music, using the coming week’s gig-guide as a playlist. Normally just 93.8FM’s reception area, but covering the coast while Jo’burg closes down for Christmas.

Artist Song Album
1 Sugardrive Slow My Generation compilation (Gallo)
2 Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (Healine Artists)
3 Van Coke Cartel Wat het van ons geword? Waaksaam en Wakker
4 7th Son Bleed Me Out Ontology
5 Napalma A Bigger Party MTN Exploded comp
6 The Dirty Skirts Daddy Don’t Disco Daddy Don’t Disco (Sony/BMG)
7 Die Heuwels Fantasties Oorlewing 101 Die Heuwels Fantasties
8 Deep Fried Man Maybe my jeans aren’t skinny enough Deep Fried Man is not amused (self published)
9 Tidal Waves Mo-faya Manifesto (Oppikoppi Productions)
10 Stealing Love Jones Get in line Bleed to Bloom (Sheer)
11 Wonderboom City of Gold City of Gold (Sheer)
12 Black Hotels Shapes & Kings films for the next century (Sony/ATV)
13 Parlotones Radio Controlled Robot Radio Controlled Robot (Sovereign)
14 Crash Car Burn Serenade (download)
15 Death Valley Blues Band Full Throttle (demo recorded live at Black Dahlia)
16 Zebra & Giraffe The Knife SAMA Nominees
17 Fire Through the Window Woo Hoo! Hey! (Sheer)
18 Hog Hoggidy Hog Out of Control Method to the Madness (Sheer)
19 Straatligkinders Gewonde Standbeeld (SL mag compilation)
20 Jeremy Franklin Siyabonga Mandela (self published)
21 The Slashdogs …everything is going to be just great The Hunger (self published)
22 Fuzigish Bombs Away Exploited and Distorted (Red Ambulance)
23 Japan & I By the Braai Will Take over the World (Red Ambulance)
24 Rambling Bones Baby Shoes Watching & Waiting (Cocktail Records)
25 Misled Saddle (Purity Magazine compilation)
26 Submachine Jungle Boogie Hear No Evil (demo)
27 Half Price Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
28 Fokofpolisiekar Antibiotika South African Indie Vol One (Rhythm Records)
29 Cutting Jade Supermodel (demo, Authentic Ideas)
30 Holly & The Woods So I rage… gently So I Rage (Sheer)
31 Swivel Foot The Last Round (demo)
32 Dead Alphabet Fever Girl MTN Xploaded comp
33 Martin Rocka Rockabilly Christmas Trailer Rash (Gosatango)

So where to?

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