Leon Economides – The RockIt Scientist. Playlist: Monday 22 December 2009, 20H00 to Midnight

Hi again

This week I was standing in for Linda Sue’s 20H00 to 21H00 show, and I took the opportunity to invite Peter Hanmer of Off The Edge / Clint & Co fame into the studio so that he could talk to us about his current and future plans, and also so that we could hear some of the material from his up and coming new solo album, as well as some new Off The Edge material. He’s a pretty busy chap!

Check out brand new releases from Canada’s Lighthouse (cd / dvd combo – finally – some live in the studio material from this most amazing Canadian outfit!), as well as an awesome track from the new Blindside Blues Band (Mike Onesko) album, “World On Fire”, to be released in the next week.

I want to bring the Blindside Blues Band to South Africa as part of The Rockfest gigs. This is power blues / hard rock of the highest order. Anyone keen to get involved in terms of sponsorship, please get in touch with me (leon(at)rock.co.za).

Many people would love to see Ken Hensley perform here too, so c’mon – put your money where your mouth is!

Welcome back to one of the wayward Rockfest presenters! Greg Tucker will be joining The Rockfest ON 93.8FM on Tuesday nights, as from mid January.

Coming up next week: tracks from the new Kansas, new Foreigner, the amazing W.E.T album (no, not the WET WET WET one! We’re talking REAL music here!!), Black Widow, Stud (I’m gonna sue them for using my name!), Transatlantic (a very close contender for top prog album of the year), Magnum, and a whole bunch of other goodies.

The Rockfest on 93.8FM Midrand Stereo brings you the best music in the land, from 8pm til late, seven nights a week!

Please check out the website (www.rockfest.co.za) for presenters, news, playlists, etc, as well as www.midrandstereo.co.za

Special guest – guitarist Peter Hanmer.

The following tracks featured are from Peter’s forthcoming solo album “Off The Record”

01. Crossfade

02. Off The Record

03. Over And Over

04. Speed Freak

05. Race Against Time

06. Dead Ringer

The following tracks featured are from Off The Edge’s forthcoming album “Cast In Stone”

07. Cast In Stone (Part 1)

08. Cast In Stone (Part 2)

09. Grandfather Time

10. Time In Focus

End of the Peter Hanmer guest spot.

11. Ken Hensley – When Evening Comes, from “Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf”. 1973 – Bronze Records

12. Spooky Tooth – Hell Or High Water, from “The Mirror”. 1974 – Island Records

13. Tempest – Stargazer, from “Living In Fear”. 1973 – Bronze Records

14. Uriah Heep – Time To Live, from “Salisbury”. 1971 – Bronze Records

15. Ben Granfeldt Band – Intro Jam, from “The Sum Of Memories”. 2006 – Hypertension

16. Blindstone – Wasted Days, from “Manifesto”. 2008 – Grooveyard Records

17. Scott Finch – Ain’t Goin’ Down, from “Gods And Freaks”. 2003 – Horizons

18. Blindside Blues Band – Bury The Axe, from “World On Fire”. 2009 – Grooveyard Records

19. Pat Travers – Inside Looking Out, from “P.T. Power Trio”. 2003 – Shrapnel Records

20. Trapeze – Turn It On, from “Hot Wire”. 1974 – Warner Brothers Records

21. Black Sabbath – Falling Off The Edge Of The World, from “Mob Rules”. 1981 – Castle Communications

22. Iron Maiden – Nomad, from “Brave New World”. 2000 – EMI

23. Dio – Scream, from “Killing The Dragon”. 2002 – Spitfire Records

24. Lighthouse – Lonely Places / Lonely Hours, from “40 Years Of Sunny Days”. 2009 – Universal

25. Chase – Reflections, from “The Concert Series Volume 2”. 2001 – The Hallmark Chase Group

26. Lydia Pense & Cold Blood – Coming Back, from “Transfusion”. 2005 – Dig Music

27. Blue Cheer – Rollin’ Dem Bones, from “What Doesn’t Kill You….”. 2008 – Rainman

28. The Quill – Grand Canyon, from “Silver Haze”. 2001 (?) – Roxon Records

29. Earthless – Sonic Prayer, from “Earthless”. 2007 – Tee Pee Records

30. Pappo – Longchamps Boogie, from “Blues Local”. 1992 – Belgrano Norte

31. Lance Lopez – Shake Joint, from “Simplify Your Vision”. 2006 – Grooveyard Records

32. Voodoo Roosters – I Wish, from “Heavy Loaded”. 1999 – Full Scale Productions

33. Darryl Way’s Wolf – The Envoy, from “Night Music”. 1974 – Esoteric Recordings

34. Wishbone Ash – Outward Bound, from “New England”. 1976 – MCA Records

35. Kin Ping Meh – Fairy Tales, from “Kin Ping Meh”. 1972 – SPV Revisited

36. Badger – On The Way Home, from “One Live Badger”. 1973 – Atlantic Records




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