Playlist for Tamara Jeunette – Thursday 24 December 2009

Band Track Album Year
Haggis and Bong The Black-toothed Bandit Fire in the Bowl 2008
HiKaToRi Gensai Kawakami HiKaToRi 2007
Myepic Slowly Happines Hurts 2008
Elusion Am I Here Elusion 2008
Squeal Happy Together Man and Woman 1997
David’s Confession The Machine About Time chapter 2 2001
Paul E. Flynn Of Girls and Guns Fields 2008
Live Good Pain Mental Jewelry 1991
Pearl Jam Alive Ten 1991
Incubus Circles Morning View 2001
Cutting Jade Sweet Sister Mercy From Nothing 2008
Straw Lonely Sin Breaking the Silence 2008
Jonathan Martin & No Quarter Higher Place In My Blood 2007
Architecture of Agression God of the New Millennium Democracy: Consent to Domination 2006
Tranquil Remains Black Leaves 2008
AGRO Willowmore Ritual 6 2006
Rhutz Sky The Colour of Television 2008
Underbelly Analyse Aim For a Cunical Science 2007
The Awakening Razor Burn Razor Burn 2006
Marilyn Manson Target Audience (narcissus narcosis) Holywood 2000
The Sisters of Mercy Vision Thing Vision Thing 1990
StoneSour Tumult StoneSour 2002
Deity’s Muse The Broken Scar The Eyes Don’t see What the Heart Bleeds 2006
Breaking Benjamin Evil Angel Phobia 2006
Stabbing Westward Lies Ungod 1994
Hurt Summers Lost Vol 2 2007
Pain of Salvation Flame to Moth Scarsick 2006
Soil Halo Scars 2002
Godsmack I Am Faceless 2003
Nonpoint The Truth Recoil 2004
Skunk Anansie Hedonism (just because you feel good) Stoosh 1996
The Cranberries Not Sorry Everybody Else’s Doing it so Why Can’t We? 1992
Garbage Vow Garbage 1995
Savatage Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 Dead Winter Dead 1995

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