DISCO HEAVEN Presented by Aris B – Saturday 10 til Midnite

I was born in Johannesburg in 1983. I have been DJing for parties since the age of 14 and still DJ for weddings, functions etc. to this day. I also play the piano and have been learning to play jazz as well as blues. I studied advertising, filmmaking and am working for my dad at Tivoli Restaurant in Villagewalk.

From an early age I’ve grown up and been exposed to all types of music. My parents owned a few restaurants as well as a Nightclub called Jaggers. Many of South Africa’s top leading bands performed there. This is where I got my passion for music from. I’m mainly into jazz, funk, classic rock, 70’s disco and Latin.

I was very much into dance music of today until I realized how much music from the 70’s and 80’s had been sampled. I started learning about different artists and bands which fascinated me. The 70’s disco era was the best time for dance music (in my opinion) because there were real bands and orchestras with such an incredible sound and still got you down on the dancefloor.

Thanks to Leon Economides and Midrand Radio for letting me share my passion and music. Leon interviewed me on Radio Today a few years ago where I played a few disco tracks and found it a phenomenal experience.

Not only will I be playing familiar disco tracks but I’ll introduce some rare gems and dance tracks that have a lot of rock influence.

I look forward to taking you back on a journey through Disco Heaven finding yourself getting down with that groovy sound.

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