Another week, another playlist. Monday 28th December 2009

Hi again

Another week, another playlist.

I still can’t believe how fortunate we are that Richard Jones, Steve Milo and Hanz Stricker have “breathed life into the Demon” that is The Rockfest (with grateful thanks to Dave Hill, vocalist and founder of Demon, one of the UK’s best NWOBHM bands!), not forgetting the man who founded 93.8FM, Midrand Stereo, Scott Smith.

Thanks must also go to Bruce Dennill of The Citizen newspaper, for giving The Rockfest a mention in the CitiVibe section today (Tuesday 29th). Thanks for your support, as always, Bruce.

The Rockfest now has just on 18 presenters, bringing you everything from blues and metal, to country rock, alternative, krautrock and prog rock. The latest addition to the clan is Andre Du Rand, previously with 1485AM Radio Today, who will be taking the Saturday midnight to Sunday 02am slot (his baptism of fire will be tonight – Wednesday December 30th, when he will be standing in for Phil “The Voice” Wright’s 8 to 10pm show!).

The permanent line-up will soon be posted on the website
(, but, in the meantime, as slots are being filled, I’ll give you the odd “progress report” every now and then.

Apologies if schedules haven’t been strictly adhered to during the festive season, as many people are away.

The Rockfest line-up on 93.8fm Midrand Stereo is currently as follows:


8 – 9pm – Linda Sue

9 – midnight – Leon Economides

Midnight – 02am – Kevin Flee


8 – 10pm – Ingrid Botha

10pm – midnight – Lesley Wright (starting mid Jan)

Midnight – 02pm – TBA


8 – 10pm – Phil Wright

10pm – midnight – Jurgen Becker

Midnight – 02am – Renier Coetzee


8 – 10pm – Tamara Jeunette

10pm – midnight – Kevin Stuart

Midnight – 02am – TBA


6 – 8pm – Rosemary Royeppen

8 – 11pm – David Blood

11 – 01am – Mike Tymvios (starting mid Jan)


8 – 10pm – Max Aston

10 – midnight – Aris Binikos

Midnight – 02am – Andre Du Rand


8 – 11pm – Robert Laing

11 – 01am – Rick Gardiner

The last three weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, with so many exciting and promising things happening in 93.8FM Midrand Stereo. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their emails and sms’s of support and good wishes. You’ve proved again and again that, in spite of what the other radio stations will tell you, ROCK is very much alive, and has a very strong, supportive and passionate following in South Africa.

And to all of the presenters who have come on board – your willingness to share your time, passion, and music, is much appreciated.

To Brian Currin – you work your magic SO well. You are as much a part of The Rockfest as we all are! Thanks for your efforts and support (

Apologies to the friends / potential listeners in Cape Town, Durban, or anywhere else, who can’t hear the broadcasts – we are aiming to do something about that in due course!

I wish you a safe, prosperous and successful 2010.


Playlist – The RockIt Scientist – Monday 28 December – 9pm – Midnight

01. Tony Stevens’ Slowride – Looking For You, from “Back To The Fog”. 2009 – Eastworld (clever title, hey? Seeing he was a founding member of Foghat!)

02. Savoy Brown – Daybreak, from “Steel”. 2007 – Panache Records (Kim Simmonds – what a guitarist!)

03. Philip Sayce – Blood On Your Hands, from “Peace Machine”. 2009 – Provogue Records (excellent young blues/rock guitarist)

04. Peter Hanmer – Speed Freak, from his forthcoming solo album “Off The Record”. TBA (played last week – many requests to hear it AGAIN!)

05. Captain Beyond – Fantasy, from “Dawn Explosion”. 1977 – Warner Brothers Records (THE ultimate heavy rock band!)

06. Armageddon – Buzzard, from “Armageddon”. 1975 – A & M Records (Repertoire) (sadly short-lived potential supergroup – brilliant!)

07. Toad – Cotton Wood Hill, from “Toad”. 1972 – RCA Records (Second Battle / Akarma) (Power hard rock from Switzerland – original vinyl is worth a mint!)

The next three tracks were featured as a tribute / dedication to vocalist / bassist and founder of Blue Cheer, Dickie Peterson, who died of cancer, on 12 October 2009, aged 63

08. Blue Cheer – Gunfight, from “Dining With The Sharks”. 1991 – Rough Trade

09. Blue Cheer – Blue Steel Dues, from “Highlights And Lowlives”. 1990 – Thunderbolt Records

10. Blue Cheer – No Relief , from “What Doesn’t Kill You…”. 2008 – Rainman Records

Formed in the mid to late 60’s, Blue Cheer, who were once considered to be “the loudest band in the world”, recorded a host of albums before splitting in the very early 70’s. Peterson reformed the band in the 80’s and kept them going right up to the present day. At the time of his death, and on the band’s final album, “What Doesn’t Kill You…”, Peterson, together with longtime members Paul Whaley (drums) and Andrew “Duck” Macdonald (guitar), succeeded in reviving the fortunes of this legendary band who are considered by many to be the godfathers of the Stoner Rock movement, fondly and expertly embraced by the likes of Spiritual Beggars, Quill, Viking Skull, Electric Wizard and many others.

Not exactly the kind of band you’d try to get a bit of leg / head from your new girlfriend to, they were nonetheless an important and integral part of the psych / heavy rock scene. Their versions of “Parchment Farm” and “Summertime Blues” were powerful enough to straighten your perm or give you a permanent perky after one listen. Peterson will be missed.

11. Al Di Meola – Electric Rendezvous, from “Electric Rendezvous”. 1982 – Columbia Records (undoubtedly one of the world’s finest guitarists – check him out with the reformed Return To Forever!)

12. Max Bennett – The Car, from “The Drifter”. 1986 – TBA Records (session bassist with Joan Baez, Hoyt Axton, etc, with Grant Geissman on guitar)

13. Stray – Jimijam, from “New Dawn”. 1997 – Mystic Records (Del Bromham, sole original member, keeping this legendary UK band alive)

14. Blackwater Park – Indian Summer, from “Dirt Box”. 1972 – BASF Records (Second Battle) (ultra rarity from Berlin – featured on first Dinosaur Days CD – 1999)

15. Atomic Rooster – I Can’t Take No More, from “Death Walks Behind You”. 1970 – B & C Records (Akarma) (RIP Vincent Crane – no-one better, before, or since)

16. Magenta – I’m Alive, from 4 track EP. 2004 – F2 Records (Christina Booth – EISH!!)

17. Mellow Candle – Heaven Heath, from “Swaddling Songs”. 1972 – Deram Records (Eclectic) (If you have a mint copy of this, seal it and frame it! Alison O’Donnell has a new solo album)

18. Renaissance – Kindness (At The End), from “Song For All Seasons”. 1978 – Sire Records (featuring the stunning Annie Haslam)

19. Illusion – Madonna Blue, from “Illusion”. 1993 – TRC Records (original Renaissance members, with Jane Relf on vocals)

20. Black Widow – Sacrifice, from “Sacrifice”.1970 – CBS Records (new Black Widow album to be released in 2010!)

21. Gravy Train – Can Anybody Hear Me?(Sounds like a few South African politicians!), from “Ballad Of A Peaceful Man”. 1971 – Vertigo Records (Repertoire)

22. Fusion Orchestra – Have I Left The Gas On?, from “Skeleton In Armour”. 1972 – EMI Records (Walhalla) (A masterpiece. Look out for Fusion Orchestra 2 – not with Jill Saward, though).

23. The Tangent – Where Are They Now, from “Down And Out In Paris And London”. 2009 – InsideOut Records (Led by Andy Tillson – prog heaven!)

24. Transatlantic – Evermore / Set Us Free, from “The Whirlwind”. 2009 – InsideOut Records (surely the TOP prog album of 2009??)

25. Proto-Kaw – Physic, from “The Wait Of Glory”. 2006 – Steamhammer (pre-Kansas, formed and led by the ridiculously talented Kerry Livgren)

That’s it.

Be safe.





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