Joe Blog show, 10 January 2010 – 8PM to 11PM

1. Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop Knock-Knock Through sick and sin (Gosatango)
2 Flash Republic Twister Danger (justmusic)
3. Death Valley Blues Band Shake yer tail (demo)
4. Rokkeloos Die Bernina Breakdance Nooiensvaart (One-F)
5. Earl Grey And Croquet Circus (demo)
6. LA Cobra Live to Ride Cherry Hill (Intervention Arts)
7. Dead Alphabet Fever Girl SL Compilation
8. Jan Blohm In Wens JIP compilation
9. Ashtray Electric Swing SA Tunes Compilation
10. Gently Scar’d Precious Smile (demo)
11. Walt Somewhere Walt (Authentic Ideas)
12. Van Coke Kartel Een Konfrontasie South African Indie Vol 1 (Rhythm Records)
13. The Privates Spanish Salad The Privates International Band (self published)
14. Riku Latti I want you dead Tussen Kontinente (Lava)
15. Concussion Girl (Just) Ordinary People Ride (Primotive Records)
16. Sugardrive Girl you made be bad sand man sky (Gallo)
17. Lesego Johannesburg New Africa Rock (Shifty)
18. Jack Hammer Jozi Town Highway 13 (self published)
19 Fire Through the Window Woo Hoo! Hey! (Sheer)
20 Hog Hoggidy Hog Out of Control Method to the Madness (Sheer)
21 Fuzigish Monster Roll with the Punches (Red Ambulance)
22. Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop Me, My Monster and My Shrink Trailer Rash (Gostango)
23 The Slashdogs …everything is going to be just great The Hunger (self published)
24. Jim Neversink Swedish Exchange Programme Shakey is Good (Lava)
25. Riku Latti Op Die Man Die President Se Keuse (Lava)
26 Cutting Jade Supermodel (demo, Authentic Ideas)
27 Holly & The Woods So I rage… gently So I Rage (Sheer)
28 Japan & I Sunrise Will Take over the World (Red Ambulance)
29. The Slashdogs Damnation Spilt Blood Calls for Vengeance (self published)
30. Deep Fried Man maybe my jeans aren’t skinny enough deep fried man is not amused (sefl published)
31. Thys Nywerheid United States of the World Husse met Mense (One-F)
32. Jackal+Wolf Cowboys & Crooks The Cathedral & The Bazaar
33. Gently Scar’d All About The Money Demo


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