Kevin Stuart Playlist Show One

1 Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals Faded / Whole Lotta Love Live from Mars
2 Taxi Violence Venus Fly Trap The Turn
3 Cassette Love with the Light On Welcome Back to Earth
4 Cardigans Erase and Rewind Gran Tourismo
5 Bed on Bricks Social Stimulator Royal Honey
6 Beck Devils Haircut Odelay
7 Placebo Come Home Placebo
8 Zebra and Giraffe In My Eyes Oppikoppi Sampler
9 The Wombats Lets Dance to Joy Division Liverpool Souncity Sampler
10 Chris Letcher Deep Frieze Frieze
11 Booth and the Bad Angel I Believe
12 Dirty Skirts Rolling Like Thunder
13 Jamiroquai To Young to Die Emergency on Planet Earth
14 Gingerbread Man The Deconstructors Liverpool Souncity Sampler
15 Jacknife Lee Aloha Satellite Speacial Punk Rock High Roller
16 Beastie Boys Electric Worm The Mix Up
17 Moloko Fun For Me Do you Like My Tight Sweater
18 Arno Carstens Another Universe Another Universe
19 The Sonic Hearts Hold on Alchemy Liverpool Souncity Sampler
20 Farryl Purkiss A Million Grains of Sand Fruitbats and Crows
21 Laurie Lavine Where Do We Go Living Room
22 Luke Doucet and the White Falcon Blood’s Too Rich Blood’s Too Rich
23 Oasis D’you Know What I mean Be Here Now
24 REM How the West Was One & Where it Got Us New Adventures in Hi Fi
25 The Rascals Out of Dreams Liverpool Souncity Sampler
26 Fun Lovin’ Criminals Love Unlimited 100% Columbian
27 Thievery Corporation Richest man in Babylon Richest Man in Babylon
28 340ml Fairy Tales Sorry for the Delay
29 Fat Freddy’s Drop Ernie Based on a True Story
30 Telepopmusik Love Comes Calling Telepopmusik
31 Cinematic Orchestra All I Have Every Day
32 Freakpower Trip Through your Mind More of Everything for Everybody
33 9 Lazy 9 Black Jesus The Herb
34 Nightmares on Wax Survival Carboot Soul

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