Playlist for Tamara Jeunette – Thursday 07 January 2010

Band Track Album Year
Breaking Benjamin So Cold We Are Not Alone 2001
Chevelle Tug-O-War This Type of Thinking 2004
Deftones Passenger White Pony 2000
Avenged Sevenfold Scream Avenged Sevenfold 2007
Bullet for my Valentine Disappear Scream Aim Fire 2008
Ill Nino Predisposed Revolution 2001
Blackguard Vain Profugus Mortis 2009
Demonoid Hunger My Consort Riders of the Apocalypse 2009
Witchery Called For By Death Symphony for the Devil 2001
Hurt Rapture Vol 1 2006
Tool Jambi 10,000 Days 2006
Angel Blake Defenseless   2008
Hammerfall Secrets Chapter V” Unbent Unbowed Unbroken 2005
Dragonforce Disciples of Babylon Valley of the Damned 2003
Candlemass Born in a Tank Candlemass 2005
Entombed Fractures Morning Star 2002
Tiamat Raining Dead Angels Amanethes 2008
Rammstein Wilder Wein Live Aus Berlin 1999
Nightwish Creek Mary’s Blood End of an Era/Once 2005/4
Kamelot Abandoned One Cold Winter’s Night/Black Halo 2006/5
Eluveitie Omnos Evocation 1: The Arcane Dominion 2009

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