Joe Blog show Jan 17 8PM to 11PM

Rian Malan and Dan Roberts will be in the studio taking us through Radio Kalahari Orkes’s new album Heuningland

1. Radio Kalahari Orkes Son Heuningland (Rhythm Records)
2. Jim Neversink Local Cluedo Shakey is Good (Lava)
3. Radio Kalahari Orkes Byleveld Heuningland
4. Rian Malan Bloekomboom Alien Inboorling (Shifty)
5. Radio Kalahari Orkes Blaas Jou Vuvuzle Heuningland
6. Tidal Waves Mo ‘faya Manifesto
7. Us Kids Know Shongolola EP
8. Jack Parow Cooler as ek South African Indie Volume One (Rhythm Records)
9. Radio Kalahari Orkes Staan my by Heuningland
10. Radio Kalahari Orkes As die kar nog daar is Heuningland
11. Wonderboom City of Gold City of Gold (Sheer)
12. Radio Kalahari Orkes Blink Ster Heuningland
13. Laurie Levine Boat Song Living Room (Sony/Atv)
14. Radio Kalahari Orkes Jolie Marie Heuningland
15. Jan Blohm Johnny K Twintag jaar Later (Next Music)
16. Radio Kalahari Orkes Transboer Heuningland
17. NuL Die Man van Telkom NuL Drie (Self Published)
18. Thys Nywerheid United States of the World Husse met lang Messe
19. Radio Kalahari Orkes Labola Heuningland
20. The Privates Rabid Rabbit The Privates International Band (self published)
21. Shortstraw Keanu Reeves We Slept Through it all (self published)
22. Voodoo Child Megalomanic Attack Atttack. Don’t Panic (Sony/Atv)
23. Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (Headline Artists)
24. Radio Kalahari Orkes Nissan Bakkies Heuningland
25. Scintillate Sleeper Sleeper (Next Music)
26. Radio Kalahari Orkes Renaisance Opgestook (EMI)
27. Earl Grey And Croquet Circused demo
28. Radio Kalahari Orkes Heuningland Heuningland
29. Newtown & I’m OK SL compilation
30. Margaret’s Daughter Lay your weapons down Simplicity (demo)
31. Piet Botha Goeienag General Twintig jaar later (Rhythm Records)
32. Concussion Girl Tie me up Ride (Primotive)
33. Taxi Violence Devil ‘n Pistol The Turn (Sheer)
34. Gang of Instrumentals Woza December Sama Nominees

So where to?


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