Playlist – Monday 11 January 2010


The Rockfest on 93.8FM Midrand Stereo is just over a month old. It’s starting to gain momentum and the response has been fantastic! Once again, thanks to Steve Milo, Richard Jones and Hanz Stricker for making this happen.

For seven nights a week, from around 08pm to, in most cases, 02am, you can hear anything from classic rock to blues, from jazz/rock to 70’s disco, from progressive rock to alternative and metal. Most of the presenters’ shows include a fair amount of South African music, and a number of presenters have been conducting interviews on their shows too. Remember that 93.8FM Midrand Stereo also has a full daytime schedule, starting from 06am, incorporating news, weather and traffic reports, talk shows and, of course, great music, throughout the day.

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The RockIt Scientist – Monday 11 January 2010, 20h00 to midnight

01. Journey – Where Did I Lose Your Love, from “Revelation” .2009 – Frontiers Records (excellent new album, featuring vocalist Arnel Pineda. This version of the album includes a live DVD and a bonus CD of the band covering classic tracks, with Pineda on vocals)

02. Saga – Cat Walk, from “Heads Or Tales”. 1983 – Portrait Records (one of the many great bands to come out of Canada. Vocalist Michael Sadler has since left, with new vocalist Rob Moratti appearing on 2009’s “The Human Condition”)

03. Headpins – Don’t Stand In The Line Of Fire, from “Line Of Fire”. 1984 – MCA Records (evolved out of Canadian outfit Chilliwack, the band featured guitarist (the late) Brian “Too Loud” Macleod, bassist Ab Bryant and the seriously hot Darby Mills on vocals)

04. Hughes / Thrall – Hold Out Your Life, from “Hughes / Thrall”. 1982 – Epic Records (Trapeze / Purple bassist / God of Voice Glenn Hughes, together with guitarist Pat Thrall, of Pat Travers / Automatic Man fame, deliver one of the top albums of the early 80’s)

05. Firehouse – Crash, from “Prime Time”. 2003 – Leverty Music (really good, but sadly under-rated US melodic / hard rock outfit. This would appear to be their last studio album, and it’s one of their best, sort of AC/DC meets Rhino Bucket. Highly recommended)

06. Toxic Shame – I Saw I Conquered I Came, from “Full Circle”. 2002 – Legend Music (Robert Plant / Jack Russell-esque vocalist/ guitarist Deon du Toit, together with Jon Buckley on guitars. One of South Africa’s best bands – sadly no longer around, or are they??)

07. Saxon – Ride Like The Wind, from “Destiny”. 1988 – EMI Records (Chris couldn’t have been too Cross – gedditt? .with this brilliant cover of his multi selling hit. Biff and the boys give it the typical Saxon treatment, and it cooks! One of the greatest metal bands of ALL time!)

08. Riot – Restless Breed, from “Restless Breed”. 1982 – Elektra Records (fantastic US melodic metal act, very popular in Europe and Japan. Formed in the mid 70’s, original vocalist Guy Speranza’s replacement, Rhett Forrester, was murdered in Atlanta in Jan 1994)

09. Son Of A Bitch – No One’s Getting Over, from “Victim You”. 1996 –Angel Air Records (formed in the UK in the mid 70’s, SOB evolved into Saxon. They reformed in the mid 90’s, together with vocalist Ted Bullet, of Thunderhead fame. Great band, great album!)

10. The Rods – I’m A Rocker, from “Let Them Eat Metal”. 1984 – Music For Nations (powerful hard rock trio from New York. Featuring ex-Elf (Ronnie James Dio) guitarist David “Rock” Feinstein, drummer Carl Canedy and bassist Garry Bordonaro. Their 5th album)

11. Kiss – Modern Day Delilah, from “Sonic Boom”. 2009Roadrunner Records (probably their best album since “Revenge”. Messrs. Stanley, Simmons, Thayer and Singer are back with one of the top albums of 2009. Stunning package includes bonus cd and live dvd)

12. Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke), from “Hall Of The Mountain Grill”. 1974 – United Artists Records (re-issued version of this classic album by the kings of Space Rock. Bassist/vocalist Lemmy would later move on to form Motorhead)

13. Warrior – We Are One, from “The Code Of Life”. 2001 – Nuclear Blast Records (ultra-powerful personal “Metal Album of 2001” from this excellent US outfit, who released their debut album in 1985. Featuring Bob Rock on vocals and Joe Floyd on guitar)

14. Brainstorm – Protect Me From Myself, from “Downburst”. 2008 – Metal Blade Records (personal “Best Metal Album of 2008”. From Germany, these guys are one of the tightest metal bands in the world. Brilliant musicianship. An essential addition to the collection!)

15. Nektar – Remember The Future, Part 1, from “Remember The Future”, 1973 – United Artists Records (nearly 17 minutes of pure, conceptual prog heaven. One of the best, if not THE best conceptual album ever released. Stunning guitar & vocals from Roye Albrighton)

16. Jukka Tolonen Trio – A Man To Trust, from “Last Mohican”. 1995 – Vasco da Gama Records (great blues/rock album from ex-Tasavallan Presidentti and Wigwam guitarist, Jukka Tolonen, from Finland. With Kjell Gustavsson on drums/vocals and Hasse Larsson – bass)

17. John Mayall – Nothing To Do With Love, from “Tough”. 2009 – Eagle Records (into his seventies, and still playing the blues. The Godfather of British blues, together with ex-Black Oak Arkansas guitarist Rocky Athas. A marriage made in heaven – some good rockers here!)

18. Robben Ford – Spoonful, from “Soul On Ten”.2009 – Concorde Music (he always was one of the classiest, most stylish blues guitarists around. This live album, recorded in San Francisco in 2009, together with a few studio tracks, captures Ford at the top of his game)

19. Indigenous – Holdin’ Out, from “Live At Pachyderm Studio 1998”. 1998 – Pachyderm Records (this family – three brothers and a sister – of the Nakota native American Indian nation, have played together for years and have released some amazing blues/rock material)

20. Jeff Golub – Shuffleboard, from “Blues For You”. 2009 – E1 Music (probably best known in the jazz field, this blues/jazz/rock album demonstrates the versatility of this very good US guitarist, with guest appearances from Billy Squier, Kirk Whalum, John Waite, etc)

21. Cosmosquad – Lubitorium, from “Acid Test”. 2007 – Zain Records (individually, these guys must be amongst the finest musicians in the world today. Jeff Kollman is an insanely good guitarist, and Shane Gaalaas is a killer drummer. Tighter than a new convict’s butt!)

22. Bombastic Meatbats – The Battle For Ventura Boulevard, from “Meet The MeatBats”. 2009 (brilliant jazz/funk outfit put together by Red Hot Chili Peppers/Glenn Hughes drummer, Chad Smith, together with Jeff Kollman, bassist Kevin Chown and Ed Roth on keys)

23. Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express – Freddie’s Flight, from “Looking In The Eye Of The World”. 2007–Fuel 2000 Records (the world’s greatest keyboard player, together with his daughter, the beautiful Savannah, on vocals, son Karma on drums, and Chris Golden-bass)

24. Karthago – The World Is Like A Burning Fire, from “Live”.1976 – Bellaphon Records (formed in Berlin, Germany, in 1970, this musically excellent jazz/funk/rock sextet were influenced by bands like Chicago, Heaven, Black Widow, etc. They released five albums)

25. Frumpy – Amazone Dreams, from “Live Ninety Five”. 1995 – SPV Records (Frumpy were formed in Hamburg, Germany in the early 1970, evolving out of folk act The City Preachers. Led by vocalist Inga Rumpf, they folded in 1973. They reformed in the mid 90’s)

26. Tollhouse – Pictures, from “Tollhouse”.1978 – Nova Records (German supergroup of sorts, the band featured ex-Birth Control guitarist Dirk Steffens. Whilst not a major rarity, the album is apparently quite sought after. It was released on CD in 1998)

27. Ramases – Life Child, from “Space Hymns”. 1971 – Vertigo Records (vocalist Ramases, a heater salesman from Sheffield, in the UK, and his wife Sel, together with future 10cc members Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart, Lol Crème and Kevin Godley. A Vertigo rarity)

28. Gentle Giant – A Cry For Everyone, from “Octopus”. 1973 – Vertigo Records (one of the UKs most influential and interesting bands. Evolving out of Simon Dupree And The Big Sound, the musicianship, vocal harmonies and songwriting was always out of the top drawer)

29. Dog Soldier – Pillar To Post, from “Dog Soldier”. 1975 – United Artists Records (when drummer Keef Hartley disbanded his self-titled band, he formed the short-lived Dog Soldier with guitarist/vocalist Miller Anderson. Just the one self-titled album was released)

30. Hard Meat – On The Road, from “Through A Window”. 1970 – Warner Bros. Records (fantastic folk/hard rock UK trio, featuring brothers Mick (guitars/vocals) and Steve (bass/vocals) Dolan, and Mick Carless on drums. Both of their albums are worth checking out)

31. Camel – Another Night, from “Moonmadness”. 2009 – Decca Records (originally recorded in 1976, this excellent live track is on disc two of the newly remastered/reissued version of one of Camel’s best albums. Andy Latimer was, and still is, a guitar god with few equals)

32. Jane – All My Friends, from “Live At Home”. 1976 – Brain Records (one of the early, and best, bands of the Kraut Rock scene. Evolving out of the Hannover band The JP’s, Jane became a popular live act. Founder and drummer Peter Panka sadly died a few years ago)

33. Grobschnitt – Wuppertal Punk, from “Volle Molle”. 1980 – Brain Records (theatrics, costumes, a brilliant stage act, humour and superlative musicianship all combined to make this dynamic band from Hagen, Germany, a leading force in the Kraut Rock scene)

34. Birth Control – The Work Is Done, from “Live 79”. 1979 – Green Tree Records (they are still around today, making them one of the longest surviving of the Kraut Rock groups. Drummer/vocalist Bernd “Nossi” Noske is expertly aided by some brilliant young musicians today)

35. Freedom – Freestone, from “Through The Years”. 1971 – Vertigo Records (2nd album from this particularly good UK blues/rock outfit, formed by ex-Procol Harum drummer Bobby Harrison. This album is one of the best of the Vertigo Swirl releases, and is pretty rare)

36. Raw Material – Miracle Worker, from “Time Is…” 1971 – Neon Records (this album is an absolute gem. It’s a fine example of the fantastically innovative and exciting progressive music coming out of the UK in the late 60’s / early 70’s. Both of their albums are collectible)

That’s it.

See you next week.




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