Joe Blog Show 24 January 2010 8Pm to 11Pm

Joe Blog Show 24 January 2010 8Pm to 11Pm
Guests tonight: Newtown taking us throught their new album “The Bridge” which gets launched at the Bohemian next Friday

1. Newtown & I’m OK (new album featured tonight)
2. One Night Stands The Heart of Japan The One Night Stands (Sting)
3. Ashtray Electric Swing SA Tunes Vol 1 (Sheer)
4. Bride’s Reunion Kamikaze SL Compilation
5. Juggernaught Only Love her when she’s gone Purity Mag Compilation
6. Death Valley Blues Band Full Throttle Demo
7. Gently Scar’d All about the money Demo
8. Walt Somewhere Walt (Authentic Ideas)
9. Newtown Newtown EP
10. Concussion Girl Tie me up Ride (Primotive)
11. Jeremy Franklin Siyabonga Mandela (self published)
12. Japan & I Sunrise Will take over the world (Red Ambulance)
13. The Slashdogs …everything is going to be just great The Hunger (Self published)
14. Taxi Violence Devil ‘n Pistol The Turn (Sheer)
15. New Holland waiting.wanting.craving One Small Seed compilation
16. Tidal Waves What u got… Manifesto (Oppikoppi)
17. Gang of Instrumentals Woza December Sama Nominees
18. aKING Safe as Houses (Sheer)
19. Jack Parow Cooler as ek South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
20. Radio Kalahari Orkes Blaas Jou Vuvuzela Heunginland (Rhythm Records)
21. Rokkeloos Herrinner My Nooiensvaart (One F Music)
22. Rambling Bones Old Man of the Ocean Watching & Waiting (Cocktail Records)
23. Fuzigish Blow my Mind Roll with the Punches (Red Ambulance)
24. Hog Hoggidy Hog Out of Control Method to the Madness (Sheer)
25. Frankie Beagle The Sounds The Sound (demo)
26. Submachine Jungle Boogie Submachine EP
27. Swivel Foot The Last Round (from demo EP)
28. Half Price Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
29. Van Coke Cartel Wat het van ons geword? Waaksaam en Wakker
30. Fokofpolisiekar Antibiotika South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
31. The Cavalier Lonely King of Hearts South African Indie Vlume One (Rhythm Records)
32. Black Pimpin Jesus Paul got arrsted last night SL compilation
33. Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (Headline Artists)


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