Joe Blog show 8PM to 11PM, Sunday 31 January

My guest tonight is Frankie Beagle who will be taking us through her new album The Sounds between 8PM and 11PM, tonight January 31 on 93.8FM. Artist Song Album (Publisher) 1. Frankie Beagle Ready for War The Sounds (Self Published)
2. Frankie Beagle The Sound The Sounds (Self Published)
3. Gently Scar’d No Pink Flowers No Pink Flowers (Sheer)
4. Liesl Graham Much Too Late Chrysalis (Loneroc)
5. Menage a Trois Voodoo These are Birthmarks (Bowline)
6. Frankie Beagle Being Between The Sounds (Self Published)
7. Karen Zoid Foto teen my muur Twintig jaar later (Next Music) 8. Frankie Beagle Bad The Sounds (Self Published)
9. Goldfish Real Deal Caught in the Loop (Black Mango)
10. Frankie Beagle Fly The Sounds (Self Published)
11. 340ml Radio 75 Sorry for the Delay (Sheer)
12. Tasha Baxter The Visitor Colour of Me (EMI)
13. Frankie Beagle Time to Change The Sounds (Self Published) 14. Concussion Girl Pussy Cat Ride (Primotive)
15. Gently Scar’d Precious Smile (demo)
16. Frankie Beagle Never Steal this Heart The Sounds (Self Published) 17. Deep Fried Man I’m not amused Deep Fried man is not amused (Self published) 18. Frankie Beagle Courtneys Song The Sounds (Self Published) 19. Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (Headline Artists) 20. Frankie Beagle Happy The Sounds (Self Published)
21. L.A Cobra Danger Danger Cherry Hill (Intervention Artists) 22. Frankie Beagle Mud The Sounds (Self Published)
23. Voodoo Child Megalomaniac Attack Attack. Don’t Panic (Sony ATV) 24. aKING Safe as Houses Dutch Courage (Sheer)
25. Kathy Raven Shine Loveseed (Self Published)
26. Wrestlerish Persistance (Push & Pull) SL Compilation
27. The One Night Stands The 60 Zone The One Night Stands
29. Flowing Water Band The Mountain is my Home Only to find… (Leftfield)
30 Karen Zoid Killer in Lipgloss Martin Rocka & The Sickshop Through Sick and Sin (Gosatango) 31. Mel Botes In Flight Flight of the Bird (Stormrekordz)
32. Knave Taunt & Thether SL Compilation
33. Chromium Begins Here Confessions of a Hero (Turning Tricks)
34. Submachine Jungle Boogie (Domo)


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