Joe Blog Show (200% local music) Sunday February 7 8PM to 11PM

Joe Blog Show (200% local music) Sunday February 7 8PM to 11PM Artist Song Album (Publisher) 1. Koolerbox (Chris Forrest) A Time to Rhyme But Not Now Wat Kyk Jy? (Sting) 2. Tryst Winter’s Day Ride (Sting)
3. Prime Circle Out of this Place Sama Nominees
4. Sticky Antlers Blind Horse Pavement Special 3
5. The One Night Stands The 60 Zone The One Night Stands (Sting) 6. L.A Cobra Live to Ride Cherry Hill (Intervention Arts)
7. Andries Bezuidenhout Fortuinverteller De Kat Compilation (Rhythn Records) 8. Voodoo Child Mealomanic Attac Attack. Don’t Panic (Sony ATV) 9. Cutting Jade Supermodel
10. aKING In the Twilight South African Indie Volume 1 (Rhythm Records) 11. Jane Rademeyer Impossible Valentine I Think a Halo (Uncorp) 12. Naming James Whiskey and Gin SL Compilation
13. Mugshot Hypnotised sixes and sevns (self published) 14. The Parlotones Radiocontrolledrobot Radiocontrolledrobot (Sovereign) 15. The Black Hotels Johnson Man Beautiful Mornings EP 16. Josie Field The Freedom that I deserve Leyland (Gallo) 17. Lonehill Estate Memories Hong Kong Dollar (Authentic Ideas) 18. Newtown Pretty Pictures The Bridge (Soul Candi)
19. One Sock Thief Never Land Tell Them Now (Sovereign)
20. The One Night Stands The Heart of Japan The One Night STands (Sting) 21. Kathy Raven Shine Loveseed (demo)
22. Rambling Bones All is Secure Watching and Waiting (Cocktail Records)
23. Louise Carver Perfect Day Spirit of the Great Hearts Compilation (Gallo) 24. Dan Patlansky Frozen Dirt True Blues
25. Flowing Water Band Jummy Boy Only to find… (Leftfield Records) 26. Tale of the Son Persian Pavement Special 3
27. Piet Botha Suitcase vol Winter High on Blues (Rhythm Records) 28. Dead Alphabet Fever Girl SL Compilation
29. Rokkeloos Die Bernina Breakdance Nooiensvaart (One F) 30. Pretty Blue Guns Pills One Small Seed Compilation
31. Isochronous Vice Versa Pavement Special 2
32. Swivel Foot Havenots & Upstarts Last Round EP
33. The Black Hotels Black Rose Films for the next century (Honey Tone)


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