Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 28 February 8PM to 11PM

Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 28 February 8PM to 11PM
Artist Song Album (Publisher)
1. 340ml Radio 75 Sorry for the Delay (Sheer)
2. Evolver Get Up JIP Compilation
3. Dan Patlansly Frozen Dirt True Blue
4. LA Cobra Live to Ride Cherry Hill (Intervention Arts)
5. BLK JKS Skeleton After Robots (Secretly Canadian)
6. Son of a 1000 Blues A 1000 Blues Son of a 1000 Blues (Universal) 7. Death Valley Blues Band Full Throttle Demo
8. Wrestlerish Persistence (Push & Pull) SL Compilation
9. The Sick-Leaves Tell it like it is Last Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (One Minute Trolly Dash Productions) 10. Isochronous Vice Versa The Pavement Special 2
11. aKING Safe as Houses Fair Lady Compilation (Sheer)
12. The Narrow Shoot the Messenger Sharing the Turbulence (Independent) 13. Jack Parow Cooler as ek SA Indie Vol 1 (Rhythm Records)
14. Die Heuwels Fantasties Oorlewing 101 One Small Seed d
15. Radio Kalahari Orkes Staan by my Heuningland (Rhythm)
16. Lark Heroin Mary Mouth of Me (Universal)
17. Laurie Levine Where do we go Living Room (Sony/ATV)
18. Margaret’s Daughter Lay your weapons down Black Hole Express (Independent) 19. Kathy Raven Band Shine Loveseed (Independent)
20. Evolver Keep on moving
21. Black Pimpin Jesus Paul got arrested last night Witness the Birth of… 22. Concussion Girl Sunday Morning Sunday Morning (Primitive Records) 23. The One Night Stands Seconds The One Night Stands (Sting) 24. Black Hotels Stone Wife Films for the next century (Sony/ATV) 25. Maxnormal TV Rap made Easy Music, Movies, Merchandise (Maxcorp) 26. The Sticky Antlers Company Pavement Special 3
27. Wrestlerish Sleep SA Indie Vol 1 (Rhythm)
28. Die Kalahari Radio Orkes Blaas you vuvulela Heuningland (Rhythm) 29. Farryl Purkiss Kissing devils on the cheek Fruitbats & Crows (Sheer) 30. Japan and I Sunrise Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) 31. Shortstraw The Secret We slept through it all (Independent) 32. Voodoo Child Megalomanic Attack Attack. Don’t Panic (Sony/ATV) 33. Earl Grey and Croquet Circus Demo

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