Joe Blog — 200% local music 28 March 8Pm to 11PM: Auriol Hays, Laurie Levine & Joshua Grierson tonight

Very busy Joe Blog show tonight. Laurie Levine and Joshua Grierson will be chatting about their “Robert Plant and Alison Krauss” type colaboration. Auriol Hays (who incidentally will be performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival) will take us through her stunning new album Behind Close Doors. Plus the usual coming week’s gig guide.

Naming James Whiskey and Gin Demo (Independent)
Mugshot Hypnotised Sixes and Sevens (Independent)
Reburn Out of my mind Purity Magazine Compilation
Wonderboom Loose End City of Gold (Sheer)
Desmond & The Tutus High Fives Tuckshop (Awsome Land)
Cutout Collective Digital Heart Eponymous (Deconstruction)
Fourteen40 Mother Mother Lucky Number 13 Next
Fragmented Children Bitter taste of silence Purity Mag compilation Holly and the woods So I rage… gently So I Rage (Sheer)
Japan and I By the Braai Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) Evolver One Beutiful Girl Evolver One (Independent)
The Narrow The Living Daylights JIP Compilation
Bride Reunion Kamikaze SL Compilation
Matthew Van Der Want Rosettenville Blues The best and worst (Shifty) Paul E Flynn May God’s Work Resume Fields (Sheer)
Kathy Raven Rhytm Man Loveseed (Independent)
The Shadowclub Good Morning Killer Demo


Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 21 March 8PM to 11PM

Artist Song Album (Publisher)
1. Half Price Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
2. Tryst Winter’s Day Ride (Sting)
3. Karryn Austen Gold Coast Casino Fear Love (in8music)
4. Frankie Beagle Ready for war The Sounds (Independent)
5. Marcia Moon Butterfly A gradual awakening (Independent)
6. Jack Hammer Jozi Town Highway 13 (Select)
7. Deep Fried Man Skinny Jeans Not Amused (Independent)
8. Naming James Apple Tree Demo
9. The Shadowclub Good Morning Killer Demo
10. The Slashdogs Psycho Killer on Parole Spilt blood calls for vengeance (Independent) 11. Zinkplaat Kleiner as berge One Small Seed D compilation 12. Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (plus 1 Media) 13. New Academics Nervous Passenger The Apple (Independent) 14. Koolerbox WHHE Wat kyk jy? (Sting)
15. Oliver Mutukudzi Todii Afro Jazz Volume 2 (Sheer)
16. Evolver Lets get naked (Sovereign)
17. Jacob Israel Her Narnain Horse Analogy My paper nautilus 18. Gently Scar’d Precious Smile Demo
19. Josie Field The freedom that I deserve Leyland (Gallo)
20. Earl Grey & Croquet Papa was a schoolboy Demo
21. Thieve Last day decemver One Small Seed D compilation
22. Desmond and the Tutus Peter Tuxkshop (Awesome Land)
23. Ashtray Electric (CT) Swing Bonjour (Sheer)
24. Wrestlerish Olver Tambourine The Rude Mechanical (Rhythm) 26. Shortstraw Edible We slept through it all (Independent)
26. Taxi Violence Devil ‘n Pistol The Turn (Sheer)
27. Fire Through the Window Woo Hoo! Hey! (Sheer)
28. Japan and I Chinese Warrior Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) 30. The Ragdolls (CT) A Modern Affair Demo
30. Dead Alphabet Fever Girl SL Compilation
31. Swivel Foot The last round Demo
32. Black Pimpin Jesus Paul got arrested last night Witness the birht of… 33. Death Valley Blues Band Shake yer tail Demo
34. Voodoo Child Megalomanic Attack Attack: Don’t Panic (independent) 35. Tidal Waves Rapolotiki Afrika (Sheer)
36. Laurie Levine Advance Living Room (Sony/ATV)

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 20/03/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 20/03/10

Alan Parker – Unlimited Love (1976) (Themes International Music)
Family of Eve – I Want to Be Loved By You (1979) (Full Sail Records)
Universe City – Can you Get Down (1976) (Midland International Records)
Ramsey & Co. – Love Call (1979) (Ramco Musc inc.)
Hudson People – Trip to your Mind (1979) (Ensign Records)
Love Symphony Orchestra – Let me Be your Fantasy (1978) (Fleet)
THP Orchestra – Two Hot for Love (1977) (Butterfly Records)
Saturday Night Band – Come On Dance, Dance (1978) (Prelude Records)
Cory Daye – Pow Wow (1979) (New York International Records)
Pattie Brooks – After Dark (1978) (Casablanca Records)
Eddie Johns – More Spell On You (1979) (Intercord)
Peter Jacques Band – Fire Night Dance (1978) (Prelude Records)
Marlena Shaw – Love Dancin’ (1979) (Columbia)
Lemon – Freak On (1978) (Salsoul Records)
Mass Production – Cosmic Lust (1977) (Cotillion)
Undisputed Truth – You + Me = Love (1976) (Whitfield Records)
Paul McCartney & Wings – Goodnight Tonight (1979) (Parlophone)
Revelacion – The House of the Rising Sun – Revelacion Suite (1977) (Crocos Records)
DC LaRue – Cathedrals (1976) (Pyramid Recording co. inc)
Sammy Gordon & The Hiphuggers – Making Love (1976) (Greg Records)

Joe Blog Show 200% local music Sunday 14 March: Guests tonight Wrestlerish and Cortina Whiplash

Joe Blog Show 200% local music Sunday 7 March: Guests tonight Wrestlerish and maybe Cortina Whiplash Wrestlerish Several tracks of new album The Rude Mechanical (Rhythm Records) The Slashdogs Everything’s going to be just great The Hunger (Flag Music) Fragmented Children Bitter Taste of Silence Purity Magazine Compilation Concussion Girl Darkside Never Be the Same (Primitive Records) Naming James Don’t Act so Dumb Demo EP
Mugshot Hypnotised Sixes and Sevens (Independent)
Swivel Foot The Last Round Demo EP
NuL Die Man van Telkom Nul 3 (Independent)
Natalie Chapman Between the lines Between the lines (Independent) Japan & I Three Heys and a Johnny Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) Death Valley Blues Band Baby don’t love me no more blues Demo Tidal Waves Rapolotiki Africa (Sheer)
Kwani Experience I need some money Live after birth (Sheer)
Timothy Moloi Don’t you worry about a thing Love that Music (Thatch Music) Josie Field Yes I take that very personally Mercury (Gallo)
Gently Scar’d Criticise Me No Pink Flowers (Sheer)
Half Price Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
Juggernaught Only love her when she’s gone Purity Magazine Compilation Tryst Winter’s Day Ride (Sting)
Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop Evil World of the She Spies Trailer Rash (Gosatango) Jack Hammer Jozi Town Highway 12 (Select Music)
The Shadowclub Goodmorning Killer Demo
Koolerbox Hoezit Wat kyk jy? (Sting)

Aris B presents Disco Heaven: Roller Disco 13/03/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven: Roller Disco 13/03/10

Citi – Roller Disco (De-Lite Records)
Coffee – Casanova (De-Lite Records)
Freeez – Southern Freeez (Beggars Banquet Records)
Carol Williams – Dance the Night Away (Quality Records Ltd)
Peaches & Herb – Roller-Skatin’ Mate (Spectrum Music)
Cerrone – You Are the One (Malligator)
Fantastic Aleems – Hooked On your Love (Panorama Records)
Teena Marie – Behind the Groove (Motown)
BT Express – Does it Feel Good (BMI)
Narada Michael Walden – The Real Thang (Wounded Birds Records)
Rene & Angela – Free & Easy (Capitol Records)
Sylvester – I Need You (Fantasy inc.)
Eddy Grant – My Turn to Love You (Ice Records)
Ramona Brooks – I don’t Want You Back (Red Lion Productions Ltd)
Sonny Jenkins & The Potpourri Strings – That Friday Pay (part 1) (Stout)
Peter Jacques Band – Is It It (Goody Music Records)
Crown Heights Affair – You Gave me Love (A Delite Recording)
Players Association – Turn the Music Up! (Vanguard Records)
Bobby Thurston – Check Out the Groove (Unidisc)
Linda Clifford – Shoot your Best Shot (RSO Records)
Chic – Good Times (Warner Music UK Ltd)
Change – A Lover’s Holiday (WEA International Inc. Tusk Msc Publ.)
Main Ingredient feat. Cuba Gooding – Evening of Love (Sony BMG Music Entertainment)
France Joli – Feel Like Dancing (Prelude Records)
Rhyze – Do your Dance (Sam Records)
Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake the Feeling (Unidisc)
T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie (Mirage)
Sharon Redd – Can you Handle it (Unidisc)
George Benson – Give Me the Night (Warner Bros Records)

Max Aston – Rolling Rock Show 13 March 2010

Track Band Album Yr Track
Time Comment
7 Led
Zeppelin III
1970 Immigrant
2.25 Known
as the definitive Heavy Metal band
1 Black
1970 Black
6.19 Debut
album from the four teenage friends from Aston, Birmingham
1 Jethro
Aqualung 1971 Aqualung 6.31 First
Tull album I bought, First wife Jenny co-wrote the song
2 Gentle
The Taste
1971 Edge
of Twilight
3.49 Band
born out of the ruins of Simon Dupree & The Big Sound (an R&B
based outfit)
5 Santana Santana
1971 Everybody’s
3.33 Greg
Rollie on lead vocals
8 Deep
1972 Smoke
On The Water
5.40 Inspired
by a fire at the venue the band planned to use to record the album
6 Humble
Smokin’ 1972 30
Days In The Hole
3.57 3rd
album, by this time Frampton had left and been replaced by Clem Clemson
1 David
1973 Jean
4.08 Reached
no. 2 in the Charts
3 String
Driven Thing
Machine That Cried
1973 Night
5.05 Scottosh
band, led by the husband and wife team of Chris and Pauline Adams
1 Lynyrd
1974 Sweet
Home Alabama
4.45 2nd
album, Southern Rock at its finest
6 U.F.O. Phenomenon 1974 Oh
3.10 Vocalist
Phil Mogg
3 Rory
1974 Tattoo’d
5.04 Irish
Guitarist, passed away in 1995 at the age of 47
2 Bad
1975 Feel
Like Making Love
5.14 Paul
Rodgers on vocals
3 Pure
Prairie League
Lane Highway
1975 Runner 2.39 Lead
vocalist Craig Fuller had left band and was replaced by Larry Goshorn
6 Blondie Blondie 1976 X
3.12 The
band’s first single
1 Steely
Royal Scam
1976 Kid
4.38 Fifth
album, Guitar Solo by Larry Carlton
13 Supertramp Even
In The Quietest Moments
1977 Give
A Little Bit
4.08 The
band’s biggest hit
2 10cc Deceptive
1977 The
Things We Do For Love
3.29 Band
initially known as ‘Hotlegs’, song is a Beatles pastiche
10 Genesis And
Then There Were Three
1978 The
Lady Lies
6.05 9th
album, second phase of the band
9 Rainbow Long
Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
1978 Long
Live Rock ‘n’ Roll
4.24 Band
features Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio on vocals
8 The
And White
1978 Nice
‘N’ Sleazy
3.12 1st
single from 3rd album
7 Elvis
1979 Accidents
Will Happen
3.01 3rd
album, 2nd with the Attractions
4 Pink
1979 Comfortably
6.53 11th
album, Roger Waters penned song

DJ Schedule


08pm to 11pm – DAVID BLOOD (Classic Rock / Adult Orientated Rock / Blues)

11pm to 01am – FRANK HEYDENRYCH (Classic Rock / Progressive Rock)


08pm to 10pm – INGRID BOTHA (Classic Rock / Metal / “Commercial” Rock)

10pm to midnight – LESLEY WRIGHT (“Commercial” Rock / 70’s & 80’s Disco/Funk/MOR)

Midnight to 02am – GREG TUCKER (Industrial /Trance / Alternative /EBM)


08pm to 10pm – PHIL WRIGHT (Classic Rock / Metal / Blues)

10pm to midnight – RENIER COETZEE (Classic Rock / Metal)


08pm to 10pm – TAMARA JEUNETTE (Industrial / Goth / Metal / Alternative / EBM)

10pm to midnight – MIKE TYMVIOS (Classic Rock / 80’s Rock)


06pm to 08pm – ROSEMARY ROYEPPEN (Jazz / Classic Rock / Latin / Blues / Funk)

08pm to 10pm – LINDA SUE (80’s Rock / Metal)

10pm to 01am – LEON ECONOMIDES (Classic Rock / Progressive Rock / Hard Rock / Latin / Brass Rock / Blues / Metal)


08pm to 10pm – MAX ASTON (Progressive Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock / Blues)

10pm to midnight – ARIS BINIKOS (70’s / 80’s Disco / Funk)

Midnight to 02am – ANDRE DURAND (Classic Rock / Adult Orientated Rock)


08pm to 11pm – ROBERT LAING (Strictly South African Rock)

11pm – 01am – RICK GARDINER (Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Metal)