Joe Blog Show 200% local music Sunday 7 March: Guests tonight Evolver One and Black Pimpin Jesus 8PM to 11PM

1. Frankie Beagle Ready for War The Sounds (Independent)
2. Wrestlerish Sleep The Rude Mechanical
3. Jack Parow & Kalahari Radio Orkes Blaas jou vuvuzela Heuningland (Rhythm) 4. Tryst Ride Ride (Sting)
5. Prime Circle Out of this Place 15th Sama Nominees
6. Tidal Waves Rapolitiki Afrika (Sheer)
7. Deep Fried Man The worst in me Deep Fried man is not amused (Independent) 8. Fourteen40 Mother Mother Lucky Number 13 (Next)
9. The Black Hotels Stone Wife Films for the next century (Independent) 10. The One Night Stands The 60 Zone The One Night Stands (Sting) 11. The Sticky Antlers Blind Horse Pavement Special 3
12. Martin Rock And The Sick Shop It’s tru It’s a filthy song (Sheer) 13. Japan and I By the Braai Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) 14. Shortstraw Keanu Reeves We slept through it all (Independent) 15. Holly & The Woods Falling So I Rage (Sheer)
16. Farryl Purkiss Kissing devils on the cheek Farryl Purkiss (Sheer) 17. Voodoo Child Megalomanic Attack Attack. Don’t Panic (Sony ATV) 18. Earl Grey and Croquet Circuse (Demo)
19. The Slashdogs …everything’s going to be just great The Hunger (Independent) 20. Frankie Beagle The Sound The Sounds (Independent)
21. Wrestlerish Persistence (Push & Pull) The Rude Mechanical 22. Jack Parow Cooler as ek SA Indie Vol 1 (Rhythm)
23. Swivel Foot The last round The last round (Independent)
24. NuL Die Man van Telkom Nul 3 (Independent)


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