Streaming and DJ Schedule

Hi there

We are very happy to announce that, thanks mainly to Mike Tymvios, 93.8fm Midrand Stereo is currently taking our first tentative steps in streaming on the Internet! Note, however, that we are going through a “pilot” testing stage, and will be for a few weeks so that any technicalities can be ironed out. Please bear with us if the signal goes awol on the odd occasion!

To hear the broadcast, log on to 93.8fm Midrand Stereo’s website, which has recently been upgraded, ( ) and click on “Tune Into Audio Streaming”. Note that it is intermittent, so have patience!!!

There have been a few important changes to The Rockfest presenters’ line-up.

The Rockfest presenters’ current line-up, as well as each presenters’ general musical genre, is as follows:


08pm to 11pm – DAVID BLOOD (Classic Rock / Adult Orientated Rock / Blues)

11pm to 01am – FRANK HEYDENRYCH (Classic Rock / Progressive Rock)


08pm to 10pm – INGRID BOTHA (Classic Rock / Metal / “Commercial” Rock)

10pm to midnight – LESLEY WRIGHT (“Commercial” Rock / 70’s & 80’s Disco/Funk/MOR)

Midnight to 02am – GREG TUCKER (Industrial /Trance / Alternative /EBM)


08pm to 10pm – PHIL WRIGHT (Classic Rock / Metal / Blues)

10pm to midnight – RENIER COETZEE (Classic Rock / Metal)


08pm to 10pm – TAMARA JEUNETTE (Industrial / Goth / Metal / Alternative / EBM)

10pm to midnight – MIKE TYMVIOS (Classic Rock / 80’s Rock)


06pm to 08pm – ROSEMARY ROYEPPEN (Jazz / Classic Rock / Latin / Blues / Funk)

08pm to 10pm – LINDA SUE (80’s Rock / Metal)

10pm to 01am – LEON ECONOMIDES (Classic Rock / Progressive Rock / Hard Rock / Latin / Brass Rock / Blues / Metal)


08pm to 10pm – MAX ASTON (Progressive Rock / Classic Rock / Southern Rock / Blues)

10pm to midnight – ARIS BINIKOS (70’s / 80’s Disco / Funk)

Midnight to 02am – ANDRE DURAND (Classic Rock / Adult Orientated Rock)


08pm to 11pm – ROBERT LAING (Strictly South African Rock)

11pm – 01am – RICK GARDINER (Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Metal)

Hope you’ll enjoy many hours of rockin’ & rollin’ with us on 93.8fm!



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