Aris B presents Disco Heaven 20/03/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 20/03/10

Alan Parker – Unlimited Love (1976) (Themes International Music)
Family of Eve – I Want to Be Loved By You (1979) (Full Sail Records)
Universe City – Can you Get Down (1976) (Midland International Records)
Ramsey & Co. – Love Call (1979) (Ramco Musc inc.)
Hudson People – Trip to your Mind (1979) (Ensign Records)
Love Symphony Orchestra – Let me Be your Fantasy (1978) (Fleet)
THP Orchestra – Two Hot for Love (1977) (Butterfly Records)
Saturday Night Band – Come On Dance, Dance (1978) (Prelude Records)
Cory Daye – Pow Wow (1979) (New York International Records)
Pattie Brooks – After Dark (1978) (Casablanca Records)
Eddie Johns – More Spell On You (1979) (Intercord)
Peter Jacques Band – Fire Night Dance (1978) (Prelude Records)
Marlena Shaw – Love Dancin’ (1979) (Columbia)
Lemon – Freak On (1978) (Salsoul Records)
Mass Production – Cosmic Lust (1977) (Cotillion)
Undisputed Truth – You + Me = Love (1976) (Whitfield Records)
Paul McCartney & Wings – Goodnight Tonight (1979) (Parlophone)
Revelacion – The House of the Rising Sun – Revelacion Suite (1977) (Crocos Records)
DC LaRue – Cathedrals (1976) (Pyramid Recording co. inc)
Sammy Gordon & The Hiphuggers – Making Love (1976) (Greg Records)

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