Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 21 March 8PM to 11PM

Artist Song Album (Publisher)
1. Half Price Banned Banned (Red Ambulance)
2. Tryst Winter’s Day Ride (Sting)
3. Karryn Austen Gold Coast Casino Fear Love (in8music)
4. Frankie Beagle Ready for war The Sounds (Independent)
5. Marcia Moon Butterfly A gradual awakening (Independent)
6. Jack Hammer Jozi Town Highway 13 (Select)
7. Deep Fried Man Skinny Jeans Not Amused (Independent)
8. Naming James Apple Tree Demo
9. The Shadowclub Good Morning Killer Demo
10. The Slashdogs Psycho Killer on Parole Spilt blood calls for vengeance (Independent) 11. Zinkplaat Kleiner as berge One Small Seed D compilation 12. Heroes Wear Red Be Universal Surviving September (plus 1 Media) 13. New Academics Nervous Passenger The Apple (Independent) 14. Koolerbox WHHE Wat kyk jy? (Sting)
15. Oliver Mutukudzi Todii Afro Jazz Volume 2 (Sheer)
16. Evolver Lets get naked (Sovereign)
17. Jacob Israel Her Narnain Horse Analogy My paper nautilus 18. Gently Scar’d Precious Smile Demo
19. Josie Field The freedom that I deserve Leyland (Gallo)
20. Earl Grey & Croquet Papa was a schoolboy Demo
21. Thieve Last day decemver One Small Seed D compilation
22. Desmond and the Tutus Peter Tuxkshop (Awesome Land)
23. Ashtray Electric (CT) Swing Bonjour (Sheer)
24. Wrestlerish Olver Tambourine The Rude Mechanical (Rhythm) 26. Shortstraw Edible We slept through it all (Independent)
26. Taxi Violence Devil ‘n Pistol The Turn (Sheer)
27. Fire Through the Window Woo Hoo! Hey! (Sheer)
28. Japan and I Chinese Warrior Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) 30. The Ragdolls (CT) A Modern Affair Demo
30. Dead Alphabet Fever Girl SL Compilation
31. Swivel Foot The last round Demo
32. Black Pimpin Jesus Paul got arrested last night Witness the birht of… 33. Death Valley Blues Band Shake yer tail Demo
34. Voodoo Child Megalomanic Attack Attack: Don’t Panic (independent) 35. Tidal Waves Rapolotiki Afrika (Sheer)
36. Laurie Levine Advance Living Room (Sony/ATV)

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