Joe Blog — 200% local music 28 March 8Pm to 11PM: Auriol Hays, Laurie Levine & Joshua Grierson tonight

Very busy Joe Blog show tonight. Laurie Levine and Joshua Grierson will be chatting about their “Robert Plant and Alison Krauss” type colaboration. Auriol Hays (who incidentally will be performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival) will take us through her stunning new album Behind Close Doors. Plus the usual coming week’s gig guide.

Naming James Whiskey and Gin Demo (Independent)
Mugshot Hypnotised Sixes and Sevens (Independent)
Reburn Out of my mind Purity Magazine Compilation
Wonderboom Loose End City of Gold (Sheer)
Desmond & The Tutus High Fives Tuckshop (Awsome Land)
Cutout Collective Digital Heart Eponymous (Deconstruction)
Fourteen40 Mother Mother Lucky Number 13 Next
Fragmented Children Bitter taste of silence Purity Mag compilation Holly and the woods So I rage… gently So I Rage (Sheer)
Japan and I By the Braai Will take over the world (Red Ambulance) Evolver One Beutiful Girl Evolver One (Independent)
The Narrow The Living Daylights JIP Compilation
Bride Reunion Kamikaze SL Compilation
Matthew Van Der Want Rosettenville Blues The best and worst (Shifty) Paul E Flynn May God’s Work Resume Fields (Sheer)
Kathy Raven Rhytm Man Loveseed (Independent)
The Shadowclub Good Morning Killer Demo


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