Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 11 April 8PM to 11PM

Gary Thomas Incase of Paranoioa Wooden Boxes & Thought Hunting Newtown Some Say The Bridge (Independent)
Deep Fried Man The Enemy (Demo)
Guy Buttery Mirleft SL Compilation
Louise Carver Perfect Day Spirit of the great hearts compilation (Gallo) 7th Son Bleed me out Ontology
Heroes Wear Red Sunshine Surviving September
Matthew Van Der Want Rosettenville Blues The Best and Worst (Shifty) Paul E Flynn Changed Fields (Sheer)
The Slashdogs …everything’s going to be just great The Hunger (Independent}
The Slashdogs Psycho killer on parole Spilt blood calls for vengeance (Independent) Evolver One World’d Gone Crazy Evolver One (Independent)
Dan Patlansky True Blues Frozen Dirt
Concussion Girl Sunday Morning Never be the same (Primitive) Rokkeloos Die Bernina Breakdance Nooiensvaart (One-F)
The One Night Stands 1992 The One Night Stands (Sting)
Tryst Jacboot Sam Ride (Sting)
Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop Slaglab It’s a filthy song but someone’s got to sing it (Sheer) Laurie Levine Advance Living Room (Sony/ATV)
Dead Alphabet Fever Girl SL Compilation
Black Pimp ‘N Jesus Paul Got Arrested Last Night SL Compilation Naming James Don’t act so dumb Demo
Straatligkinders Blanke Skaamte wintig jaar later compilation (Next) Crash Car Burn Serenade Demo
Nul Vloek dub mix Nul drie (Independent)
BUCKFEVER Underground Die volk Twintig jaar later compilation (Next) Luna Paige Butterfly The Collection
Marcia Moon Butterfly A gradual awakening
Gently Scar’d Precious Smile
Juggernaut Only Love Her When She’s Gone Purity Mag compilation The Hellphones (reunion) Stealing the feeling This is how (Sheer) The Death Valley Blues Band Shake yer tail
Vendetta Cartel Gangsta Politician Payback


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