Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 2 May 8PM to 11PM

Liesl Graham Hold Me Chrysalis (Loneroc)
Piet Botha Jozi Town Highway 13 (Independent)
Tidal Waves War ina government yard Manifesto (Oppikippi)
Newtown Some Say The Bridge (Independent)
Anton Goosen Pamperlang Twintig Jaar Later (Next)
Fire Through The window Woo Hoo! Hey! (Sheer)
HHP Show Dem Sama Nominees 16
Knave Taunt & Tether SL Compilation
Concussion Girl Sunday Morning Never Be The Same (Primitive) Shortstraw Edible We slept through it all (Independent)
Gently Scar’d Skin Cry Demo
The Bats The Rock Machine Astral Daze 2 (Fresh Music)
Nibs van der Spuy Beautiful feet Beautiful feet (Sheer)
Laurie Levine Big House Unspoken (Independent)
Josie Field The freedom that I deserve Leyland (Gallo)
Dan Patlansky Frozen Dirt True Blues
Jan Blohm Johnny K Twintig Jaar Later (Next)
Gently Scar’d 4give me as I hate you No Pink Flowers (Sheer)
Piet Botha and Jackhammer Suitcase vol Winter High on Blues Compilation (Rhythm Records) Rambling Bones Old Man of the Ocean Watching & Waiting (Cocktail) Albert Frost Television devils & gods (Independent)
Evolver One Sonic City Evolver One (Independent)
Laurie Levine Kites Living Room (Sony/ATV)
Jim Neversink Stain Skinny Girls are Trouble (Independent)
Concussion Girl Darkside Never Be The Same (Primitive)
Shortstraw LYSAGFY We slept through it all
Piet Botha Goeinag Generaal Twintig Jaar Later (Next)
Radio Rats Padded Rooms Big Beat (Shifty)
Vendetta Cartel Egoli Payback (Independent)

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