Joe Blog 200% Jo’burg music Sunday 16 May 8PM to 11PM: Gently Scar’d interview tonight

Gently Scar’d Broken Silence No Pink Flowers (Sheer)
Tryst Jackboot Sam Ride (Sting)
Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop Knock-knock Through sick and sin (Gosatango) Rambling Bones Baby Shoes Watching & Waiting (Cocktail)
NuL Kokainkopkosie NuL 2 (Independent)
Naming James Apple Tree (Demo)
Margaret’s Daughter Lay your weapons down Black Hole Express (Independent) Jan Blohm 7 jaar Twintig Jaar Later (Next)
Juggernaught Only Lover Her When She’s Gone Puriy Mag Compilatin Death Valley Blues Band Full Throttle (Demo)
Zinkplaat Sterkte SA Indie Vol 1 (Rhythm)
Straatligkinders Blanke skaamte Twintig Jaar Later (Next)
Goldfish This is how it goes Sama Nominations Compilation Louise Carver Empty Fantasy Southern Gems (Sheer)
Piet Botha and Jackhammer Suitcase vol Winter High on Blues Compilation (Rhythm) The Slashdogs Everything is going to be just great Hunger (Independent) Vendetta Cartel Egoli Payback (Independent)
Nibs van der Spuy A House across the River A House across the River The Sick-Leaves Tell it like it is Last dance of the sugarplum fairy (OMTD) Albert Frost Only Us Devils & Gods (Independent)
Zaire Half Shadow SL Compilation
Black Hotels Stone Wife Films for the next century (Independent)


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