Aris B presents Disco Heaven 05/06/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 05/06/10

France Joli – Come to Me (1979) (Prelude Records)
TJM – Put Yourself in my Place (1979) (Casablanca Records)
Sheila B Devotion – No No No No (1979) (Carrere)
Mouzon’s Electric Band – Everybody Get Down (1979) (Vanguard)
Bob-a-Rela – Spend the Night (1979) (Channel)
Splendor – All Night Long (1979) (Columbia)
Ashford & Simpson – Found a Cure (1979) (Warner Bros Records)
Macho – Not Tonight (1980) (Goody Music Records)
Don Ray – Got to Have Loving (1978) (Polydor)
Southern Exposure – Headin’ South (1979) (RCA)
Celi Bee – Fly me On the Wings of Love (medley) (1978) (T.K. Disco)
North End – Kind of Life (Kind of Love) (1979) (West End Records)
Roundtree – Manhattan Fever (1978) (Mango)
Lorraine Johnson – The More I Get, the More I Want (1977) (Prelude Records)
Montana – You know How Good it is (1978) (Atlantic Records)
Eli’s Second Coming – Heavenly (1977) (Silver Blue Records)
First Choice – Double Cross (1979) (Salsoul Records)
The Rimshots – Super Disco (1976) (Stang Records)
Teddy Pendergrass – Only You (1978) (Philadelphia International Records)
George Duke – I Want you for Myself (1979) (Epic)


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