Aris B presents Disco Heaven 21/08/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 21/08/10

Air Power – Welcome to the Disco (1979) (AVI Records)

Jimmy Roma – Beyond the Galaxy (1978) (Virtue Records)

TJM – I Don’t Need No Music (1979) (Casablanca Records)

Croisette – Keep it On Ice (1979) (AVI Records)

Mass Production – Welcome to Our World (of Merry Music) (1976) (Cotillion)

Rare Pleasure – Let me Down Easy (1976) (Cheri Records)

Roy Ayers – Sweet Tears (disco version) (1976) (Mercury Records Limited)

Marlena Shaw – Sweet Beginnings (1977) (Columbia)

Tony Valor Sounds Orchestra – Gotta Get it (1976) (Brunswick)

Yambu – Sunny (1975) (Montuno Records)

Clyde Alexander & Sanction – Gotta Get your Love (1978) (Heavenly Crown Music)

Players Association – Everything’s Gonna Be O.K. (1977) (Vanguard)

John Gibbs & The US Steel Orchestra – Trinidad (1977) (Makossa International Records)

Cloud One – Disco Juice (1976) (P&P Records)

Black Ivory – Mainline (1979) (Buddah Records)

Dunn Pearson Jr – Groove On Down (1978) (Shyrlden Records)

Empire Projecting Penny – Freakman (1981) (Quality Records)

Eddie Drennon – Disco Jam (1978) (Casablanca Records)

Pam Todd & Love Exchange – Let’s Get Together (1977) (Shyrlden Records)

Triple S Connection – You Are my Love (1979) (20th Century Fox Records)


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