Aris B presents Disco Heaven 02/10/10

Aris B presents Disco Heaven 02/10/10

Sounds of Inner City – Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (instrumental) (1976) (West End Records)

Bottom Line – That’s the Way to Go (1976) (Greedy Records Ltd)

Donna Summer – Spring Affair (1976) (Casablanca Records)

Bebu Silvetti – Voyage of No Return (1977) (Salsoul Records)

Cerrone – Look for Love (1978) (Malligator)

Rokotto – Boogie On up (1977) (State Records)

Bombers – Let’s Dance (1979) (West End Records)

Voyage – Lady America (1977) (RCA Victor)

D.D. Sound – Hootchie Cootchie (1979) (Strand)

Bimbo Jet – Love to Love (1979) (LR Laurent Rossi)

Center Stage – Never (1980) (Prelude Records)

Unyque – Keep On Making me High (1979) (DJM Records)

Love & Kisses – Accidental Lover (1977) (Barclay)

Le Pamplemousse – Never Givin’ up (1980) (AVI Records)

Nightlife Unlimited – Love is in You (1979) (Unidisc)

Vicki Sue Robinson – Don’t Try to Win me Back Again (1978) (RCA Victor)

Rice & Beans Orchestra – Disco Dancing (1976) (Orange)

Madleen Kane – Rough Diamond (1978) (CBS)

Poussez! – Never Gonna Say Goodbye (1979) (Vanguard)

Frankie Crocker’s Heart & Soul Orchestra – Be my Love (1976) (Casablanca Records)

El Coco – Got That Feeling (1977) (AVI Records)

Three Ounces of Love – Star Love (1978) (Motown)

Barry White – Your Sweetness is my Weakness (1978) (20th Century Fox Records)

Teena Marie – You Make Love Like Springtime (1980) (Motown)

Paulinho Da Costa – Love Till the End of Time (1979) (Pablo Today)


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