RockIt Scientist – Playlist Friday 25 March 2011

Saint Jude Garden Of Eden 2010 Diary Of A Soul Fiend
The Strats Addicted 2010 Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Beggars & Thieves Soul Confession 1997 Look What You Create
Axe Battles 1979 Axe
Marino De Silva All Along The Watchtower 2010 Voodoo Charm
The Strats Falling Off The Edge Of The World 2010 Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Interview with Mel Botes of David’s Confession
David’s Confession The Horseman 1999 About Time
David’s Confession Change 1999 About Time
David’s Confession Praying Hands 1999 About Time
David’s Confession The Machine 1999 About Time
Grobschnitt Sahara (intro only) 1974 Ballerman
Camel Lunar Sea 1976 Moonmadness
Atomic Rooster Time Take My Life 1972 Made In England
Beggars Opera Pathfinder 1972 Pathfinder
Dokken Unchain The Night 1985 Under Lock And Key
Mindstorm Witch Doctor 1987 Mindstorm
Kingdom Come Slow Down 1997 Master Seven
Wishbone Ash Silver Shoes 1974 There’s The Rub
Baker Gurvitz Army People 1975 Elysian Encounter
Manfred Mann’s Earth Band Solar Fire 1974 Father Of Day, Father Of Night
Hawkwind World Of Tiers 1987 Levitation
Mystery Destiny? 1998 Destiny?
Shadow Gallery Legacy 2007 Prime Cuts
Barefoot Servants Pharaoh’s House 2005 Barefoot Servants 2
StoneAge Oh Well 2010 SA
Outlaws Green Grass & High Tides 1978 Bring It Back Alive
Walter Rossi Ride The Wind 1978 Six Strings Nine Lives
FramePictures Remember It 2010 Remember It
Larry Miller Still Ain’t Done With The Blues 2010 Unfinished Business
Mostly Autumn Unoriginal Sin 2008 Glass Shadows
Blackmore’s Night Locked Within The Crystal Ball 2008 Secret Voyage
Wolfstone Gillies 1996 The Half Tail
Praying Mantis Children Of The Earth 1981 Time Tells No Lies
Trouble At The End Of My Daze 1990 Trouble
Iron Maiden Brave New World 2000 Brave New World

Night School Playlist – 26th/27th March – midnight to 2:00am – Mandi Waldbaum & Students

The Teacher Gets Taught a Lesson

I got some of my teenage students to put together a playlist and present the show.

I was pleasantly suprised!


Ayla’s Selection:

  1. Biscuit – Portishead
  2. Blue Jeans Blue – ZZ Top
  3. 2+2=5 – Radiohead
  4. Suicide by a Star – God is an Astronaut
  5. Blue – Perfect Circle
  6. Right in Two = Tool

Darron’s Selection:


7. Empty Walls – Serj Tenkian

8. Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers


Tegan’s Selection:


9. Buffalo Soldier – Bob Marley


Charlie’s Selection:


10. Your Biggest Fan – Never Shout Never

11. Kiss With a Fist – Florence & The Machines

12. I Hear It’s The Softest Thing Ever – A Day To Remember

13. Make You Smile – +44

14. Anywhere But Here – Sick Puppies

15. Ordinary World – Red


Tegan’s Selection:


16. Aqueous Transmission – Incubus

17. Facination Street – The Cure

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 26/03/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 26/03/11

Frankie Crocker’s Heart & Soul Orchestra – Midnight Lady (1977) (Casablanca Records)

Miami Disco Band feat. Beverly Barkley – (I Wanna) Go Home with You (1979) (Salsoul Records)

La Bionda – Moonlight Palais (1979) (Baby Records)

Bravo – Touch me Now (1980) (Chic Records)

Erotic Drum Band – Jerky Rhythm (1978) (Prism Records)

Paul Cacia Band feat. Janine Cameo – Saved By your Love (1978) (Alexander Street Records)

El Coco – Afrodesia (1978) (AVI Records)

USA-European Connection – There’s a Way into my Heart (1979) (Marlin)

Masquerade – Don’t Leave me Hanging (1979) (Prelude Records)

Paris Connection – Eloise Medley (1978) (Casablanca Records)

J.T. Connection feat. Dennis Tufano – Bernadette/Reach Out (I’ll Be There) (1979) (Butterfly Records)

Trade Mark – Days of Pearly Spencer (1978) (RCA Victor)

Family Affair – Love Hustle (1976) (Pye Records)

Gentlemen & Their Lady feat. Danny Mitchell – Like Her (1976) (Roulette Records)

Bambu – I Don’t Wanna Lose it (1979) (Zebra Records)

Chuck Cissel – Cisselin’ Hot (1979) (Arista)

Constellation Orchestra – Dancing Angel (1978) (Prelude Records)

Area Code (212) – Duke’s Train (1979) (Friends & Co.)

Cloud One feat. Margo Williams – Don’t Let This Rainbow Pass me By (1978) (Golden Flamingo Records)

Cyclades – Fire to Desire (1979) (Baby Records)

Cerrone – Je Suis Music (1978) (Malligator)

Tempest Trio – Do you Like the Way That it Feels (1979) (Marlin)

Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance (1977) (P&P Records)

RockIt Scientist – Playlist Friday 18 March 2011

Rush 2112 – Overture 1976 2112
Savatage Edge Of Thorns 1993 Edge Of Thorns
Axel Rudi Pell Devil Zone 2010 The Crest
Demon Let Me Out Of Here 2002 Spaced Out Monkey
Red Sea Soulshaker 1994 Blood
Bloodgood Escape From The Fire 1991 All Stand Together
Marino De Silva Voodoo Charm 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva Satisfaction 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva All Along The Watchtower 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva Rainbows And Gypsies 2010 Voodoo Charm
Mastermind Jubilee 1996 Mastermind IV – Until Eternity
Mike Onesko’s Guitar Army Out On The Streets 2001 Armageddon
Molly Hatchet Tatanka 1996 Devil’s Canyon
Armageddon Buzzard 1975 Armageddon
Jericho Ethiopia 1972 Ethiopia
Budgie Hot As A Docker’s Armpit 1972 Squawk
Greatest Show On Earth The Leader 1970 The Going’s Easy
Alan Bown The Messenger 1971 Stretching Out
Heaven Morning Coffee 1971 Brass Rock 1
String Driven Thing Heartfeeder 1973 The Machine That Cried
Trace Opus 1065 1975 Birds
Beckett Life’s Shadow 1974 Beckett
David’s Confession Change 1999 About Time
Marino De Silva Sanctify My Soul 1991 Blues For Lovers

RockIt Scientist – Playlist Friday 12 March 2011

Saxon Can’t Stop Rockin’ 1993 Forever Free
Samson Bite On The Bullet 1984 Thank You And Goodnight…..
Killer Blood On The Chains 1983 Shock Waves
Demon Standing On The Edge 2006 Time Has Come
Five Fifteen Stone Cold Heartbreaker 2001 Death Of A Clown
Ben Robinson Armageddon Express 2009 Ben Robinson
Blindstone Keep The Rock Alive 2010 Rise Above
Peter Hanmer Over And Over 2010 Revelation
David’s Confession Alpha 1 / Alpha 2 1999 About Time
David’s Confession The Horseman 1999 About Time
David’s Confession Praying Hands 1999 About Time
StoneAge Rock Star Queen 2010 SA
Point Blank The Hard Way 1980 The Hard Way
Target Love Just Won’t Quit 1976 Target
Stranger Let Me Rock ‘n Roll 1991 No More Dirty Deals
BunChakeze Flight Of The Phoenix 2010 Whose Dream?
Marino De Silva Pray 2011 Voodoo Charm
Murky Red Willow Tree 2011 Time Doesn’t Matter
Seatrain Song Of Job 1970 Seatrain
Horslips King Of The Fairies 1974 Dancehall Sweethearts
Gentle Giant A Cry For Everyone 1973 Octopus
Spooky Tooth Hell Or High Water 1974 The Mirror
Bedlam The Beast 1973 Bedlam
Kin Ping Meh Fairy Tales 1971 Kin Ping Meh
Brainstorm Stained With Sin 2009 Downburst
Nocturnal Rites Tell Me 2007 The 8th Sin
Leverage Movie Gods 2010 Circus Colossus
Five Horse Johnson Spillin’ Fire 2001 The No. 6 Dance
XYZ What Keeps Me Loving You 1989 XYZ
Seventh Key It Should Have Been Me 2004 The Raging Fire
McCauley Schenker Group Anytime 1989 Save Yourself
Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack C.S. Opera 1995 Stan “The Man” Live
Miller Anderson City Blues 2010 From Lizard Rock

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 12/03/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 12/03/11

Idris Muhammad – For your Love (1980) (Fantasy)

Dee Dee Sharp Gamble – Breaking & Entering (1980) (Philadelphia International Records)

The Chocolate Jam Co. – This Time (1979) (Epic)

Firefly – Do it Dancin’ (1979) (Mr Disc Organization)

Rainbow Team – Come to the Rainbow (1979) (Sinusoid)

Taana Gardner – Work That Body (1979) (West End Records)

Cappuccino – El Bailara Conmigo (Hell Dance with Me) (1980) (Hispavox)

Was (Not Was) – Wheel me Out (1980) (Antilles)

Sparkle Tehran & Friends – Handsome Man (Larry Levan mix) (1979) (Vitamin Music)

Freeez – One to One (1982) (Beggars Banquet)

Syreeta – Can’t Shake your Love (1981) (Motown)

Kano – Ahjia (1980) (Emergency Records)

Index – Starlight (1981) (Record Shack Records)

Kasso – Brazilian Dancer (D.J. version) (1981) (Banana Records)

Edmund Sylvers – That Burning Love (1980) (Casablanca Records)

Dayton – Eyes On You (1980) (United Artists Records)

Afternoon Delights – General Hospi-tale (1981) (MCA Records)

Kleeer – Keep your Body Workin’ (1978) (Atlantic)

Jeanette “Lady” Day – Come Let me Love you (special version) (1981) (Prelude Records)

Skyy – Here’s to You (1980) (Salsoul Records)

Game – Gotta Take your Love (1982) (Maximus)

Voyage – I Love you Dancer (1980) (Sirocco)

Kimiko Kasai – The Right Place (1982) (CBS/Sony)

Johnnie Taylor – Seconds of your Love (1984) (Beverly Glen Music)

Khemistry – Can you Feel my Love (1982) (Columbia)

Hi-Gloss – I’m Totally Yours (1981) (Prelude Records)