RockIt Scientist playlist: Friday 04 March – 19h00 to midnight

Here’s my playlist for last Friday. My show was a bit longer than normal, as I stood in for Linda Sue (I started at 7 instead of at 9). I also did an interview with an amazingly talented young rock singer called Eden Michelle, and I’ve included the tracks I played from her CD, in the playlist.

Band / Artist Album Year Track Title
Dixie Hillbillies A Touch Of Grass 2010 House Of The Rising Sun
Falling Mirror Special Agent Duck 2011 Ordinary Suburban Girl
707 The Fourth Decade 2006 The Fourth Decade
Rhett Forrester Gone With The Wind 1984 The Last Thing I Do
Black Sabbath TYR 1990 Feels Good To Me
Tommy Shaw Ambition 1987 Dangerous Game
StoneAge SA 2010 Loaded Gun
Saga Network 2004 If I Were You
Oli Brown Open Road 2008 Open Road
Rex Carroll Band That Was Then, This Is Now 2010 Circle Of Love
Larry Miller Unfinished Business 2010 Mad Dog
Eden Michelle (Interview) Broken Truth 2008 Scream, Photograph, Perfect, Give It Up, What If, Broken Truth, Too Hard To Handle
Bullet Highway Pirates 2011 Back On The Road
Cobra First Strike 1983 Blood On Your Money
Mariah Mariah 1976 Reunion
Fuse Fuse 1968 Permanent Resident
Eric Gales Relentless 2010 Bad Lawbreaker
Interstate Blues Red Was The Sky 2010 Red Was The Sky
Blindside Blues Band Rare Tracks 2011 Good Lovin’Man
Wishbone Ash Raw To The Bone 1985 It’s Only Love
Teaser Teaser 1978 Don’t Try To Change Me
Firebird Double Diamond 2010 Soul Saviour
Three5human Flying Below The Radar 2005 Unspoken
Keef Hartley Band Overdog 1971 You Can Choose
If If 3 1971 Child Of Storm
Lighthouse Sunny Days 1972 Silver Bird
Chase The Concert Series Vol 2 2001 Reflections
Golden Earring Together 1972 Together
The Storm The Storm 1974 I Am Busy
Josiah Procession 2009 Procession
Abramis Brama Smakar Sondag 2009 Smakar Sondag
Tranquility Silver 1972 Eagle Eye
Octopus Restless Night 1971 The River
Liquid Smoke Liquid Smoke 1970 Warm Touch
Pluto Pluto 1970 Crossfire
Murky Red Time Doesn’t Matter 2010 Last Chance Hotel
FM Black Noise 1993 Slaughter In Robot Village
Enchant A Blueprint Of The World 1995 Catharsis
Murky Red Time Doesn’t Matter 2010 I Give You My Soul
Spooky Tooth The Mirror 1974 Hell Or High Water
Bedlam Bedlam 1973 The Beast
Frumpy By The Way 1972 I’m Afraid, Big Moon
Kin Ping Meh Kin Ping Meh 1972 Fairy-Tales
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime 1988 Suite Sister Mary

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