RockIt Scientist – Playlist Friday 18 March 2011

Rush 2112 – Overture 1976 2112
Savatage Edge Of Thorns 1993 Edge Of Thorns
Axel Rudi Pell Devil Zone 2010 The Crest
Demon Let Me Out Of Here 2002 Spaced Out Monkey
Red Sea Soulshaker 1994 Blood
Bloodgood Escape From The Fire 1991 All Stand Together
Marino De Silva Voodoo Charm 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva Satisfaction 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva All Along The Watchtower 2010 Voodoo Charm
Marino De Silva Rainbows And Gypsies 2010 Voodoo Charm
Mastermind Jubilee 1996 Mastermind IV – Until Eternity
Mike Onesko’s Guitar Army Out On The Streets 2001 Armageddon
Molly Hatchet Tatanka 1996 Devil’s Canyon
Armageddon Buzzard 1975 Armageddon
Jericho Ethiopia 1972 Ethiopia
Budgie Hot As A Docker’s Armpit 1972 Squawk
Greatest Show On Earth The Leader 1970 The Going’s Easy
Alan Bown The Messenger 1971 Stretching Out
Heaven Morning Coffee 1971 Brass Rock 1
String Driven Thing Heartfeeder 1973 The Machine That Cried
Trace Opus 1065 1975 Birds
Beckett Life’s Shadow 1974 Beckett
David’s Confession Change 1999 About Time
Marino De Silva Sanctify My Soul 1991 Blues For Lovers

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