Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 26/03/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 26/03/11

Frankie Crocker’s Heart & Soul Orchestra – Midnight Lady (1977) (Casablanca Records)

Miami Disco Band feat. Beverly Barkley – (I Wanna) Go Home with You (1979) (Salsoul Records)

La Bionda – Moonlight Palais (1979) (Baby Records)

Bravo – Touch me Now (1980) (Chic Records)

Erotic Drum Band – Jerky Rhythm (1978) (Prism Records)

Paul Cacia Band feat. Janine Cameo – Saved By your Love (1978) (Alexander Street Records)

El Coco – Afrodesia (1978) (AVI Records)

USA-European Connection – There’s a Way into my Heart (1979) (Marlin)

Masquerade – Don’t Leave me Hanging (1979) (Prelude Records)

Paris Connection – Eloise Medley (1978) (Casablanca Records)

J.T. Connection feat. Dennis Tufano – Bernadette/Reach Out (I’ll Be There) (1979) (Butterfly Records)

Trade Mark – Days of Pearly Spencer (1978) (RCA Victor)

Family Affair – Love Hustle (1976) (Pye Records)

Gentlemen & Their Lady feat. Danny Mitchell – Like Her (1976) (Roulette Records)

Bambu – I Don’t Wanna Lose it (1979) (Zebra Records)

Chuck Cissel – Cisselin’ Hot (1979) (Arista)

Constellation Orchestra – Dancing Angel (1978) (Prelude Records)

Area Code (212) – Duke’s Train (1979) (Friends & Co.)

Cloud One feat. Margo Williams – Don’t Let This Rainbow Pass me By (1978) (Golden Flamingo Records)

Cyclades – Fire to Desire (1979) (Baby Records)

Cerrone – Je Suis Music (1978) (Malligator)

Tempest Trio – Do you Like the Way That it Feels (1979) (Marlin)

Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance (1977) (P&P Records)

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