Gravy Train guitarist has passed away

Just heard the tragic news that Norman Barratt, Gravy Train’s guitarist, passed away recently. He was a truly great and tragically under-rated guitarist with a brilliant voice. Tune in to The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm (streaming via this coming Friday night, between 8 and midnight, for a tribute to this most amazing musician. What a terrible loss to music!! Condolences to his family and friends.


Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 30/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 30/07/11

Taana Gardner – When you Touch me (1979) (West End)

Adrian Baker – High Time (1980) (Polo Records Ltd)

Melody Stewart – Action Satisfaction (1980) (Roy B Records)

Gwen Guthrie – Dance Fever (1982) (Island Records)

Evelyn “Champagne” King – Spirit of the Dancer (1981) (RCA Victor)

True Image – Keep me Dancing (1981) (Willkerr Records)

Keni Burke – You’re the Best (1981) (RCA)

Rene & Angela – Turn it Out (1980) (Capitol Records)

Pure Energy – Party On (1980) (Prism Records)

Cerrone – My Look (1980) (Malligator)

Sergio Mendes – Voo Doo (1983) (A&M Records)

Delegation – Stand Up (Reach For the Sky) (1979) (Ariola)

Rainbow Team – Hope He Wants (1982) (Full Time Records)

Rahmlee – Heartbreaker (1981) (Headfirst Records Inc.)

Gayle Adams – Plain Out of Luck (1980) (Prelude Records)

Sparque – Let’s Go Dancin’ (1981) (West End)

Mystic Merlin – Just Can’t Give you Up (1980) (Capitol Records)

Linda Clifford – It Don’t Hurt No More (1980) (RSO Records Inc.)

Mike & Brenda Sutton – Anyway you Want my Love (1982) (SAM Records)

Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t you Know (1982) (Uno Melodic Records)

Collins & Collins – Top of the Stairs (1980) (A&M Records)

Eighties Ladies – I Knew That Love (1980) (Uno Melodic Records)

Alphonse Mouzon feat. Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Ritenour & Seawind Horns – By All Means (1981) (Excaliber Records Ltd)

Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make me Wait) (1981) (Fantasy)

Tracy Weber – Sure Shot (1981) (Quality Records Ltd)

George Duke – Reach Out (1983) (Epic)

Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make it Right (1980) (Warner Bros Records)

Mtume – So you Wanna Be a Star (1980) (Epic)

Shades of Love – Keep in Touch (Body to Body) (1982) (Venture Records)

Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music in the Streets (1980) (Epic)

Manhattan Rhythm feat. The Smithcox Organization – Sweet Lady (1983) (Foxy Records Inc.)

Karen Young – Deetour (1982) (Atlantic)

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 23/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 23/07/11

Boogieman Orchestra – (Theme From) Lady, Lady, Lady (Are you Crazy For me?) (1975) (Boogieman Records)

The Brothers – Under the Skin (1976) (RCA)

Glitter Band – Makes you Blind (1975) (Arista)

Phil Hurtt – Giving it Back (1978) (Fantasy)

David Shire – Manhattan Skyline (1977) (RSO Records Inc.)

Crown Heights Affair – Every Beat of my Heart (1975) (De-Lite)

Barry White – Don’t Make me Wait Too Long (1976) (20th Century Records)

Ritchie Family – African Queens (Medley) (1977) (Philips)

Vicki Sue Robinson – Feels So Good it Must Be Wrong (1978) (RCA)
Passion – In New York (1980) (Prelude Records)

Linda Clifford – If my Friends Could See me Now (1978) (Curtom)

Norma Jean – I Like Love (1978) (Bearsville)

Platinum Hook – Standing On the Verge (of Gettin’ it On) (1978) (Motown)

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Any Love (1979) (MCA Records)

Caress – Catch the Rhythm (1979) (RFC Records)

First Choice – Let No Man put Asunder (1977) (Salsoul Records)

Carol Williams – Love is You (1976) (Salsoul Records)

The Supremes – High Energy (1976) (Motown)

Salsoul Orchestra – Nice ‘N’ Nasty (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Robin Beck – Sweet Talk (1979) (Mercury)

Pleasure – Let’s Dance (1976) (Fantasy)

Metropolis feat. The Sweethearts – Go Get it (1978) (Salsoul Records)

Loleatta Holloway – Hit & Run (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Double Exposure – Everyman (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Brenda Gooch – You & I Together (1980) (Salsoul Records)

Roberta Flack – Don’t Make me Wait Too Long (1979) (Atlantic)

Inner Life – I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair) (1979) (Prelude Records)

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Holler (1979) (SAM)

Eli’s Second Coming – Love Chant (part 1) (1976) (Silver Blue Records)

Ashford & Simpson – Stay Free (1979) (Warner Bros Records)

The RockIt Scientist on Friday

On the RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm tomorrow (Friday) night: interview with exciting US-bound singer Eden Michelle, from around 8.15pm, then a real scoop: special feature on guitarist Jon Buckley, of Toxic Shame fame! He will be joining me in the studio from 9pm til around 10! Streaming via Plus the usual mix of blues, rock, metal, etc! TUNE IN!!!

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 16/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 16/07/11

Louis Lesther – Deshabille Moi (Undress Me) (instrumental version) (1978) (Shadybrook Records)

Dee Dee – I Put a Spell On you (1978) (Bovema Negram)

New York Port Authority – I Got it (1977) (Invictus)

Brass Construction – Ha Cha Cha (Funktion) (1976) (United Artists Records)

Anik De Luk – He’s Dyn-o-mite (instrumental version) (1977) (Able Records)

NYCC – I’ll Keep my Light in my Window (1978) (RCA)

Miami Sound Machine – I Want you to Love Me (1978) (Electric Cat)

Hollywood Disco Jazz Band feat. The Waters – Don’s Place (1979) (A&M Disco)

Toni Van Duyne – Be a Star (Try a Little Bit More) (1977) (Top Tape)

Mandrill – Stay Tonite (1978) (Arista)

Cheryl Berdell – Giving it All to You (1978) (EMT Records)

Papa John Creach & The Midnight Sun – Joyce (1975) (Buddah Records)

The Tee Cee’s – Disco Love Bite (1978) (AVI Records)

Bob-a-Rela – Why Does it Rain? (1979) (Channel)

Tangerue – Everynight, Everyday (1979) (Unidisc)

Dino Solera & Munich Machine – Classically Elise (part one) (1976) (Hidden Sign)

Pam Todd & Gold Bullion Band – Baise Moi (Kiss Me) (1978) (Channel)

In Search of Orchestra – Phenomena Theme (1977) (AVI Records)

Gary Toms – Turn it Out (Tear This Building Down) (1977) (MCA Records)

Kofi & Kiki – 24 Hours in a Disco (instrumental version) (1979) (Bronze Records)

Chanson – I Can Tell (1978) (Ariola Records)

Jimmy Sabater – To Be with You (1976) (Salsa Records)

Cappuccino – Tomorrow (1980) (Hispavox)

Venise – Don’t Think About it (1978) (Quality Records Ltd)

Nite School – Do you Speak French? (1977) (Ensign Records)

Ms Victoria Barnes – Never Too Late (1976) (AIM)

New York City Rhythm Orchestra – Art Deco (1976) (Full House Records)

Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go (1978) (AVI Records)

Paul Mauriat Plus – Overseas Call (1978) (Philips)

Ultrafunk – Indigo Country (1976) (Contempo)

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 09/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 09/07/11

Earth Wind & Fire – In the Stone (1979) (CBS)

Thelma Houston – Here I Go Again (1977) (Motown)

Platypus – Dancing in the Moonlight (1979) (Casablanca Records)

Pearly Gates – Fandango Dancing (1979) (Bronze Records)

Amii Stewart – You Really Touched my Heart (1978) (RCA Victor)

Bonnie Pointer – I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) (1979) (Motown)

Keane Brothers – Dancin’ in the Moonlight (1979) (ABC Records)

Dionne Warwick – Out of my Hands (1979) (Arista)

Norma Jean – Saturday (1978) (Bearsville)

Chic – My Feet Keep Dancing (1979) (Atlantic)

Shalamar – I Owe you One (1979) (Solar)

Sister Sledge – All American Girls (1981) (Atlantic)

Stacy Lattisaw – Jump to the Beat (1980) (Atlantic)

George Duke – Shine On (1982) (Epic)

Donna Summer – Love is in Control (Finger On the Trigger) (1982) (Warner Bros Records)

Rick James – Give it to Me Baby (1981) (Motown)

Peaches & Herb – Funtime (1980) (Polydor)

Cheryl Lynn – Shake it Up Tonight (1981) (Columbia)

Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic (1981) (Motown)

Commodores – Lady (You Bring me Up) (1981) (Motown)

Peter Allen – Bi-Coastal (1980) (A&M Records)

Stevie Wonder – Do I Do (1982) (Motown)

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust (1980) (EMI)

Indeep – Last Night a DJ Saved my Life (1982) (Sound of New York)

Jermaine Jackson – Let’s Get Serious (1979) (Motown)

Kelly Marie – Love Trial (1981) (Unidisc)

George Benson – Never Give Up On a Good Thing (1981) (Warner Bros Records)

Luther Vandross – Never Too Much (1981) (Epic)

Kool & The Gang – Take my Heart (You Can Have it if you Want it) (1981) (De-Lite Records)

Odyssey – Going Back to my Roots (1981) (RCA Victor)

Billy Paul – Bring the Family Back (1979) (Phildelphia International Records)

Roy Ayers – Love will Bring Us Back Together (1979) (Polydor)

Love Unlimited – I’m so Glad That I’m a Woman (1979) (Limited Gold Records)

Ashford & Simpson – It Seems to Hang On (1978) (Warner Bros Records)

A Taste of Honey – Rescue Me (1980) (Capitol Records)

Diana Ross – It’s my House (1979 (Motown)