Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 16/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 16/07/11

Louis Lesther – Deshabille Moi (Undress Me) (instrumental version) (1978) (Shadybrook Records)

Dee Dee – I Put a Spell On you (1978) (Bovema Negram)

New York Port Authority – I Got it (1977) (Invictus)

Brass Construction – Ha Cha Cha (Funktion) (1976) (United Artists Records)

Anik De Luk – He’s Dyn-o-mite (instrumental version) (1977) (Able Records)

NYCC – I’ll Keep my Light in my Window (1978) (RCA)

Miami Sound Machine – I Want you to Love Me (1978) (Electric Cat)

Hollywood Disco Jazz Band feat. The Waters – Don’s Place (1979) (A&M Disco)

Toni Van Duyne – Be a Star (Try a Little Bit More) (1977) (Top Tape)

Mandrill – Stay Tonite (1978) (Arista)

Cheryl Berdell – Giving it All to You (1978) (EMT Records)

Papa John Creach & The Midnight Sun – Joyce (1975) (Buddah Records)

The Tee Cee’s – Disco Love Bite (1978) (AVI Records)

Bob-a-Rela – Why Does it Rain? (1979) (Channel)

Tangerue – Everynight, Everyday (1979) (Unidisc)

Dino Solera & Munich Machine – Classically Elise (part one) (1976) (Hidden Sign)

Pam Todd & Gold Bullion Band – Baise Moi (Kiss Me) (1978) (Channel)

In Search of Orchestra – Phenomena Theme (1977) (AVI Records)

Gary Toms – Turn it Out (Tear This Building Down) (1977) (MCA Records)

Kofi & Kiki – 24 Hours in a Disco (instrumental version) (1979) (Bronze Records)

Chanson – I Can Tell (1978) (Ariola Records)

Jimmy Sabater – To Be with You (1976) (Salsa Records)

Cappuccino – Tomorrow (1980) (Hispavox)

Venise – Don’t Think About it (1978) (Quality Records Ltd)

Nite School – Do you Speak French? (1977) (Ensign Records)

Ms Victoria Barnes – Never Too Late (1976) (AIM)

New York City Rhythm Orchestra – Art Deco (1976) (Full House Records)

Eastbound Expressway – Never Let Go (1978) (AVI Records)

Paul Mauriat Plus – Overseas Call (1978) (Philips)

Ultrafunk – Indigo Country (1976) (Contempo)

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