Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 23/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 23/07/11

Boogieman Orchestra – (Theme From) Lady, Lady, Lady (Are you Crazy For me?) (1975) (Boogieman Records)

The Brothers – Under the Skin (1976) (RCA)

Glitter Band – Makes you Blind (1975) (Arista)

Phil Hurtt – Giving it Back (1978) (Fantasy)

David Shire – Manhattan Skyline (1977) (RSO Records Inc.)

Crown Heights Affair – Every Beat of my Heart (1975) (De-Lite)

Barry White – Don’t Make me Wait Too Long (1976) (20th Century Records)

Ritchie Family – African Queens (Medley) (1977) (Philips)

Vicki Sue Robinson – Feels So Good it Must Be Wrong (1978) (RCA)
Passion – In New York (1980) (Prelude Records)

Linda Clifford – If my Friends Could See me Now (1978) (Curtom)

Norma Jean – I Like Love (1978) (Bearsville)

Platinum Hook – Standing On the Verge (of Gettin’ it On) (1978) (Motown)

Rufus & Chaka Khan – Any Love (1979) (MCA Records)

Caress – Catch the Rhythm (1979) (RFC Records)

First Choice – Let No Man put Asunder (1977) (Salsoul Records)

Carol Williams – Love is You (1976) (Salsoul Records)

The Supremes – High Energy (1976) (Motown)

Salsoul Orchestra – Nice ‘N’ Nasty (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Robin Beck – Sweet Talk (1979) (Mercury)

Pleasure – Let’s Dance (1976) (Fantasy)

Metropolis feat. The Sweethearts – Go Get it (1978) (Salsoul Records)

Loleatta Holloway – Hit & Run (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Double Exposure – Everyman (1976) (Salsoul Records)

Brenda Gooch – You & I Together (1980) (Salsoul Records)

Roberta Flack – Don’t Make me Wait Too Long (1979) (Atlantic)

Inner Life – I’m Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair) (1979) (Prelude Records)

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Holler (1979) (SAM)

Eli’s Second Coming – Love Chant (part 1) (1976) (Silver Blue Records)

Ashford & Simpson – Stay Free (1979) (Warner Bros Records)

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