Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 30/07/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 30/07/11

Taana Gardner – When you Touch me (1979) (West End)

Adrian Baker – High Time (1980) (Polo Records Ltd)

Melody Stewart – Action Satisfaction (1980) (Roy B Records)

Gwen Guthrie – Dance Fever (1982) (Island Records)

Evelyn “Champagne” King – Spirit of the Dancer (1981) (RCA Victor)

True Image – Keep me Dancing (1981) (Willkerr Records)

Keni Burke – You’re the Best (1981) (RCA)

Rene & Angela – Turn it Out (1980) (Capitol Records)

Pure Energy – Party On (1980) (Prism Records)

Cerrone – My Look (1980) (Malligator)

Sergio Mendes – Voo Doo (1983) (A&M Records)

Delegation – Stand Up (Reach For the Sky) (1979) (Ariola)

Rainbow Team – Hope He Wants (1982) (Full Time Records)

Rahmlee – Heartbreaker (1981) (Headfirst Records Inc.)

Gayle Adams – Plain Out of Luck (1980) (Prelude Records)

Sparque – Let’s Go Dancin’ (1981) (West End)

Mystic Merlin – Just Can’t Give you Up (1980) (Capitol Records)

Linda Clifford – It Don’t Hurt No More (1980) (RSO Records Inc.)

Mike & Brenda Sutton – Anyway you Want my Love (1982) (SAM Records)

Bobbi Humphrey – Baby Don’t you Know (1982) (Uno Melodic Records)

Collins & Collins – Top of the Stairs (1980) (A&M Records)

Eighties Ladies – I Knew That Love (1980) (Uno Melodic Records)

Alphonse Mouzon feat. Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Lee Ritenour & Seawind Horns – By All Means (1981) (Excaliber Records Ltd)

Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make me Wait) (1981) (Fantasy)

Tracy Weber – Sure Shot (1981) (Quality Records Ltd)

George Duke – Reach Out (1983) (Epic)

Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make it Right (1980) (Warner Bros Records)

Mtume – So you Wanna Be a Star (1980) (Epic)

Shades of Love – Keep in Touch (Body to Body) (1982) (Venture Records)

Unlimited Touch – I Hear Music in the Streets (1980) (Epic)

Manhattan Rhythm feat. The Smithcox Organization – Sweet Lady (1983) (Foxy Records Inc.)

Karen Young – Deetour (1982) (Atlantic)


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