Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 15/10/11

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 15/10/11

Mascara – See you in L.A. (1979) (Ensign Records)

Andrea True Connection – Keep it Up Longer (1976) (Buddah Records)

Metropolis feat. The Sweethearts – New York is my Kind of Town (1978) (Salsoul Records)

Roberta Kelly – Zodiacs (1977) (Casablanca Records)

Donna Summer – I Love You (1977) (Casablanca Records)

Mike Theodore Orchestra – Disco People (1979) (Westbound)

Trax – Breathless (1977) (Oasis)

Hott City – Ain’t Love Grand (1979) (Butterfly Records)

Wilson Pickett – Groove City (1979) (EMI America)

Michele – Magic Love (1977) (West End Records)

Paul Vincent – Elton Super Star (Super Elton) (1977) (Carrere)

Miami – Disco Weekend (1977) (T.K. Disco)

Ramona Wulf – Step By Step (1977) (Jupiter Records)

Joanne Spain – Elevator (1976) (Casino Records)

Jumbo – City Girl (1977) (RCA)

South Shore Commission – Free Man (1975) (Wand)

Carl Bean – I was Born This Way (1977) (Motown Records)

Rocky Mizell & The Sugar Rock Band – Hey Sexy Dancer (1977) (T.K. Disco)

Muscles – Music is Our Message (1976) (Big Bear Records)

First Choice – Love Having you Around (1977) (Salsoul Records)

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