Music With A Message on Sunday nights

As mentioned previously, Shirley Hickman-Smith will be taking over the Sunday 6-9pm slot on The Rockfest on Mix 93.8fm. Her show will be called “Music With A Message”, and she will be featuring mainly Christian rock / hard rock / metal bands / artists. Having previously worked with Mark Taylor on the Friday breakfast show on Mix 93.8fm, Shirley, who has the naughtiest, most contagious laugh you will ever hear, is very passionate about music and is exceptionally talented as a public speaker, trainer and coach. I’m certain that she will host an amazing show, and will be an asset and credit to Mix93.8fm and The Rockfest. Her first show is on Sunday 5 February. Streaming via Please support the newest addition to The Rockfest!


On the RockIt Scientist on Mix 93.8fm on Friday night

On the RockIt Scientist on Mix 93.8fm tomorrow (Friday) night, special feature on brilliant legendary Dutch blues/rock outfit LIVIN’ BLUES (now LIVIN’ BLUES XPERIENCE)! Plus the usual MIX of prog, metal, blues, etc. Streaming via Join the chat Check out 8pm til midnight!

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 21/01/12

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 21/01/12

Kikrokos – Jungle D.J. Suite (1978) (Polydor)

Luv You Madly Orchestra – Moon Maiden (1978) (Salsoul Records)

Pegasus – Fly (1977) (Sunshine Records)

J.D.V. & Friends – Disco Beat (1976) (Deram)

Freda Payne – Love Magnet (1977) (Capitol Records)

Anacostia – Face the Fact (1977) (MCA Records)

Alma Faye Brooks – Stop, I Don’t Need No Sympathy (1977) (RCA Victor)

Rinder & Lewis – Envy (Animal Fire) (1978) (AVI Records)

Melophonia – Feeling Good (1978) (Derby)

Pattie Brooks – Medley: Come Fly with Me/Let’s Do it Again (1978) (Casablanca Records)

Paul Mariano – Stuntman (1979) (Ciao)

Seventh Avenue – Miami Heat Wave (1979) (Pye Records)

Leroy Gomez – Get Up Boogie (1979) (Casablanca Records)

Black Jack – Y-O-U (1979) Pinball Records)

Jean Shy – Night Dancer (1979) (RSO Records Inc.)

Clifton Dyson – Body in Motion (Want your Body in Motion with Mine) (1980) (Motown)

Zulema – Change (1978) (Le Joint Records)

Gladys Knight – It’s a Better Than Good Time (1978) (Buddah Records)

Fire – Deeper in Love (1978) (T.K. Records)

Chapter 8 – Come & Boogie (1979) (Ariola Records)

Hot Bush – L.OV.E. F.U.S.E. (1980) (APA Records)

Zulu Gang – I Got a Magic Feeling Making Love (1979) (AB Productions)

Patti LaBelle – It’s Alright with Me (1979) (Epic)

Edgar Winter – Above & Beyond (1979) (Blue Sky)

Giorgio Moroder & Chris Bennett – Love’s in You, Love’s in Me (1978) (Casablanca Records)

Foxy – Let’s Love (1976) (T.K. Disco)

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 14/01/12

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 14/01/12

Deodato – Happy Hour (1982) (Warner Bros Records)

Morrissey Mullen – So So Fine (1983) (Beggars Banquet)

Shakatak – Stranger (1982) (Polydor)

Chaz Jankel – Without You (1983) (A&M Records)

Comateens – Get Off my Case (1983) (Mercury)

Linda Taylor – Don’t Lose the Motion (1982) (Groove Production)

Leroy Brugess – Stranger (1983) (Salsoul Records)

Rene & Angela – Bangin’ the Boogie (1983) (Capitol Records)

Dayton – Meet the Man (1982) (Liberty)

Evelyn “Champagne” King – Love Come Down (1982) (RCA Victor)

Al Jarraeu – Boogie Down (1983) (WEA Records)

Level 42 – Starchild (1981) (Polydor)

Carol Hahn – Do your Best (1980) (Nickel Recording)

Touche – Just Like a Doorknob (1983) (Jonathan)

France Joli – Your Good Lovin’ (1982) (Prelude Records)

Machine – Is it Love (1980) (RCA Victor)

Rodney Franklin – The Groove (1980) (CBS)

Gladys Knight & The Pips – I will Fight (1981) (Columbia)

Chic – I Got Protection (1980) (Atlantic)

Phyllis Hyman – I Ain’t Asking (1981) (Arista)

Cerrone – Hooked On You (1980) (Malligator)

Ullanda McCullough – Bad Company (1981) (Atlantic)

Gary Bartz – Need your Love (1980) (Arista)

Billy Griffin – Hold me Tighter in the Rain (1982) (Columbia)

Shalamar – I Can Make you Feel Good (1982) (Solar)

Sister Sledge – Reach your Peak (1980) (Cotillion)

Dynasty – Adventures in the Land of Music (1980) (Solar)

Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know (1981) (Prelude Records)

Herb Alpert – Rise (1979) (A&M Records)

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 07/01/12

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 07/01/12

Bebu Silvetti – Love Secrets (1978) (Hispavox)

Elvin Shaad – Live For Love (1978) (Goody Music)

Larry Page Orchestra – Slinky Thighs (1977) (Penny Farthing Records)

Black Sun – Black Sun (you’ve Broken my Heart) (1977) (Buddah Records)

Wildflower – Harlem Nocturne (1977) (T.K. Disco)

Grand Tour – Flight From Versailles (1977) (Butterfly Records)

Webster Lewis – There’s a Happy Feeling (1978) (Epic)

Betty Wright – Where is the Love (1974) (RCA Victor)

Nightfall – Keep it Up (1978) (RCA Victor)

Chrisland – Blue is my Balloon (1977) (Baccara International Records)

Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra – Liza… Liza (1978) (EMI Music)

MTL Express – Dance All Night (1979) (Unidisc)

Marti – Hey Love (1979) (T.K. Disco)

Arthur Prysock – All my Life (1976) (Old Town Records)

Ruby Andrews – I wanna Be Near you (1977) (ABC Records)

Southroad Connection – You Like it, we Love it (1977) (Mahogany)

Metal Weeds – Sunshine Love (1976) (RCA Victor)

True Example – As Long As you Love me (1977) (Gold Mind Records)

Candi Staton – When you Wake Up Tomorrow (1979) (Warner Bros Records)

Margot Thomas – Don’t Stop the Carnival (1979) (Deco)

Jimmy Briscoe & The Beavers – Into the Milkyway (1979) (Salsoul Records)

V.I.P. Connection – West Coast Drive (1976) (Morningstar Records)

Odyssey – I Dare Ya (1978) (RCA Victor)

Carl Davis & The Chi-Sound Orchestra – Windy City Theme (1976) (Chi Sound Records)

Cloud One – Doin’ it All Night Long (1976) (P&P Records)

Five Letters – Tha Kee Tha Tha (1980) (Atropa Records)

Who’s Who – Hypnodance (1979) (OUT)

Don Ray – Garden of Love (1978) (Malligator)

Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – Closer, Closer (1977) (T.K. Records)

Cerrone – Music of Life (1978) (Malligator)