Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 07/01/12

Aris B pres. Disco Heaven 07/01/12

Bebu Silvetti – Love Secrets (1978) (Hispavox)

Elvin Shaad – Live For Love (1978) (Goody Music)

Larry Page Orchestra – Slinky Thighs (1977) (Penny Farthing Records)

Black Sun – Black Sun (you’ve Broken my Heart) (1977) (Buddah Records)

Wildflower – Harlem Nocturne (1977) (T.K. Disco)

Grand Tour – Flight From Versailles (1977) (Butterfly Records)

Webster Lewis – There’s a Happy Feeling (1978) (Epic)

Betty Wright – Where is the Love (1974) (RCA Victor)

Nightfall – Keep it Up (1978) (RCA Victor)

Chrisland – Blue is my Balloon (1977) (Baccara International Records)

Elias Rahbani & His Orchestra – Liza… Liza (1978) (EMI Music)

MTL Express – Dance All Night (1979) (Unidisc)

Marti – Hey Love (1979) (T.K. Disco)

Arthur Prysock – All my Life (1976) (Old Town Records)

Ruby Andrews – I wanna Be Near you (1977) (ABC Records)

Southroad Connection – You Like it, we Love it (1977) (Mahogany)

Metal Weeds – Sunshine Love (1976) (RCA Victor)

True Example – As Long As you Love me (1977) (Gold Mind Records)

Candi Staton – When you Wake Up Tomorrow (1979) (Warner Bros Records)

Margot Thomas – Don’t Stop the Carnival (1979) (Deco)

Jimmy Briscoe & The Beavers – Into the Milkyway (1979) (Salsoul Records)

V.I.P. Connection – West Coast Drive (1976) (Morningstar Records)

Odyssey – I Dare Ya (1978) (RCA Victor)

Carl Davis & The Chi-Sound Orchestra – Windy City Theme (1976) (Chi Sound Records)

Cloud One – Doin’ it All Night Long (1976) (P&P Records)

Five Letters – Tha Kee Tha Tha (1980) (Atropa Records)

Who’s Who – Hypnodance (1979) (OUT)

Don Ray – Garden of Love (1978) (Malligator)

Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch – Closer, Closer (1977) (T.K. Records)

Cerrone – Music of Life (1978) (Malligator)


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