DJ Schedule

The Rockfest line up is now as follows:


  • 6pm to 9pm –Shirley Hickman-Smith
  • 9pm to Midnight – Rusty Hornsby (sometimes joined by Wayne Hampton)


  • 8pm to 11pm – David Blood (this is to change on 05 March. David’s show will start at 9pm, til midnight)
  • Midnight to 02am – Cindy (Alter) and Stewart (Irving) (starting on 05 March)


  • 9pm to midnight – Tamara Jeunette and Wayne Longbeard
  • Midnight to 02am – Chris Venter


  • 9pm to Midnight – Graham Rees
  • Midnight to 02am – Hendrien Hodson


  • 9pm to Midnight – Michael Tymvios
  • Midnight to 02am – Glen Lester


  • 8pm to Midnight – Leon Economides
  • Midnight to 02am – Jon Buckley and Charlotte Olivier

You can expect to hear anything from blues to classic rock, from metal to alternative, from Christian rock to jazz, from brass rock to prog rock, from country rock to folk, on The Rockfest on Mix93.8fm! There are NO prescribed playlists – if it’s good, we’ll play it (even if some of us battle to back–announce album and song titles in Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, etc!!)

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