Ken Hensley is in town!!

Ken Hensley is in town!! (Well, not quite HERE in Jhb, yet, but certainly in Durban, starting to work on Toni Rowland‘s new album!) What better reason could I ask for in order to do a special feature on this highly regarded and respected rock icon? So, tune in to The RockIt Scientist on Friday night, between 8pm and midnight, for an hour feature on one of THE most important singer / songwriter / keyboard / slide players in rock, just to whet your appetite for the upcoming Rockfest gig on 17 March, featuring Ken, Toni Rowland, Ghapi, Peter Hanmer, Cindy Alter and Stewart Irving, and Nanette Scott! Plus, of course, the usual MIX of blues, metal, prog (and Mrs. Mills, Max Bygraves and Andrews Sisters classics performed by GWAR, for Mike Turkey Breath!!). Streaming via Join the chatroom for fun and games – TUNE IN!!!!!

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