Manie Grove will be doing the RockIt Scientist show on Friday night

Manie Grove (who has a show on Mix fm on a Monday night, 7pm to 8pm), will be doing my show this coming Friday night (he’s going to be doing a feature on Steely Dan), and Rusty Hornsby and Wayne Hampton will be doing my show the following Friday. See you on Friday 29 June!


Lighthouse on the RockIt Scientist

I’ve had numerous requests to have another feature on LIGHTHOUSE. I don’t need to be asked twice!! Tonight’s special feature will be on this incredible Toronto-based Canadian brass rock outfit. And, of course, you can expect to hear the usual MIX of blues, metal, prog, classic rock, etc etc, on The RockIt Scientist on
MIX 93.8fm between 8pm and midnight. Streaming via, or TUNE INNNNN!!!!!!!!