The RockIt Scientist at the SEXPO

I will be presenting my RockIt Scientist show on Mix93.8fm from the SEXPO at the NASREC Showgrounds tonight, between 8pm and midnight. Mike Tymvios will be joining me, and we will no doubt be having a lot of fun, especially if Mike wears his leather safari suit, studded dog collar and floral flip flops! No special feature tonight, just lots of rock ‘n roll and other great music! Also will be having an interview with RED HAND BLUES BAND, who are appearing at the Durban Blues Festival, so if you’re not doing anything, cum (ahem!) through and say hi! Streaming via or


One thought on “The RockIt Scientist at the SEXPO

  1. Tanya Van Agthoven says:

    THANK YOU J and you – I will remind them to chat directly first…many thanks

    I will be at another blues show at Mojos so wont be able to listen but thank you

    Logos and all in our pul out today…will send you a copy

    Pls give me a mailing address


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