Interview with Dilana on the RockIt Scientist on Friday night



I will be doing Graham Rees’s show again tomorrow (Wednesday) night (9pm to midnight) on The Rockfest on Mix93.8fm – would be great to have your company! Also, on my RockIt Scientist show, this coming Friday night (8pm to midnight), I will be talking to the electrifying and dynamic DILANA, who is in South Africa, and who will be performing at the Tanz Cafe on Saturday 8th December! Streaming via, or, or Special feature will be on PAT TRAVERS, one of Canada’s (and the world’s!) best guitarists!! TUNE IN!!!!!!!


Renaissance and Styx on the RockIt Scientist on Friday night

Just heard the terrible news that Michael Dunford, guitarist, vocalist and co-songwriter (with the late Betty Thatcher), of UK prog / art rock band RENAISSANCE, passed away on Tuesday from a massive brain haemorrhage. I will be playing a few tracks as a tribute to this most gifted of songwriters, on my RockIt Scientist show, tomorrow night, on Mix93.8fm. Special feature (between 9 and 10), will be on the awesome STYX!! Plus the usual MIX of blues, rock, Latin rock, brass rock (especially! If you’re game to be blown (!) away, you’ll LOVE tomorrow’s show – Chase, Puzzle, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Lighthouse, etc etc!). Streaming via, or TUNE INNNN!!!!

Terence Reis on the RockIt Scientist on Friday night

A serious scoop for The Rockfest on Mix93.8fm!! I will be chatting to TERENCE REIS, the fantastically talented SA vocalist/guitarist who replaced Mark Knopfler in Dire Straits (now known as THE STRAITS). Terence will be the “mystery” guitarist (nothing like blowing the lid on something that’s supposed to be a surprise or secret, I always say!:-))) on MEL BOTE’S acclaimed RIDERS FROM THE STORM show, to be performed at the Parkview Barnyard in Pretoria East, on Monday 03rd December. TERENCE will be joining SA legends MAURITZ LOTZ, PIET BOTHA, ALBERT FROST and others. Special feature (between 9 and 10pm) on Southern hard rockers MOLLY HATCHET!! Plus, of course, the usual MIX of blues, classic rock, metal, prog, etc etc. From 8pm to midnight – streaming via or TUNE INNNN!!!!!

On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm last night …



On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm last night: Delta Rebels, Brother Cane, Four Horsemen, Axis, Camel, Lake, Phenomena, Threshold, Birth Control, Black Sabbath, Mountain, (Fabulous) Rhinestones, Minnesoda, Marshall Tucker Band, Sunship, Alan Fox Band, StoneAge,The Firm, Demon (Remembrance Day – in memory of and dedicated to the millions who lost their lives in countless wars, and are still doing so today. What an EPIC track!! “In God’s Name, What Have We Become?” Indeed….), Black Cat Bones, Blues Image, Beefeaters, Junipher Greene, Crimson Chrysalis, Magnum, Saxon, Samson, as well as interview with the guys from AWESOME SA band, JUGGERNAUGHT, who have just released their new album, “Bring The Meat Back”. Special feature was on BLACKFOOT, one of the best Southern / hard rock bands ever! Thanks for tuning in!! (

DEMON on the RockIt Scientist tonight

DEMON - Unbroken

DEMON – Unbroken

On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm tomorrow night (from 8pm to midnight), special feature on metal / hard rock outfit, DEMON, one of the best bands to emerge from the UK since the late 70’s! I’ll be featuring a number of tracks from their excellent new “UNBROKEN” album. Led by vocalist DAVE HILL, a man blessed with an incredible voice, this fantastic band, who were formed in the late 70’s, have released some excellent albums over the years, ranging from out and out heavy rock to dramatic, relevant and thought provoking conceptual albums, with more than a foot in prog rock territory. As usual, the regular MIX of blues, metal, prog, jazz, etc, will also be on the menu. Streaming via or TUNE INNNN!!!!!!!