Rockfest Reunion, Monday 31st December 2012 (9am to 3pm)

Back in early 2006, radio legends Chris Prior, David Blood, Phil Wright and Rafe Lavine, joined me in forming The Rockfest on a community station called Radio Today (later to become known as 1485am). We were on that station for around three and a half years before it was stopped. The present Rockfest has been with Mix93.8fm since November 28, 2009, but only David and I of the original five, remain. I will, together with Michael Tymvios and Manie Grove, be doing a six hour show (9am to 3pm) tomorrow (Monday 31st Jan). I’m hoping to have Chris, Phil, David and Benjy Mudie, who is also one of radio’s legends, in the studio with me, as guests, from around midday (unfortunately Rafe can’t be there). We’ll be talking to these legends about the invaluable contributions they’ve made to rock radio in South Africa for decades, where they’ve been, and what they’re doing today. A sort of “Rockfest Reunion”, of sorts! I’m hoping that other current Rockfest presenters, such as Graham Rees, Ruston Hornsby and Chris Venter, will join us as well! So, six hours of laughs, great music and interviews are on the cards on this last day of 2012! Hope you can tune in – it should be quite a memorable day! Thanks to you, the listener, whether you live in South Africa or overseas, for your support, appreciation and encouragement for what we do, and for tuning in, not just to The Rockfest, but to this wonderful community station that has, thanks to you, started kicking some SERIOUS butt! We wish you a fantastic, successful, safe and prosperous 2013!! (Audio streaming via or http://www.rockitscientist, or


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