It’s one of those “no particular special feature” nights on The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm tonight

Axel Rudi Pell

Axel Rudi Pell

It’s one of those “no particular special feature” nights on The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm tonight, but you can expect to hear tracks from new albums by Point Blank, Axel Rudi Pell, Royal Hunt, and a few others. Plus, of course, the usual MIX of blues, classic rock, metal, fusion, etc etc! Audio streaming via or TUNE INNN!!!!



Deep Purple: Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Steve Morse, Ian Paice | photo: Michael Currin

Deep Purple: Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Steve Morse, Ian Paice | photo: Michael Currin

Uriah Heep at GrandWest, 1 June 2010 | photo: Michael Currin

Uriah Heep at GrandWest, 1 June 2010 | photo: Michael Currin

We all know that there were many “classic” and influential bands that emerged from the UK in the late 60’s / early 70’s. This coming Friday night, between 8pm and midnight, you will be able to hear a whole bunch of tracks from what I consider to be “The Big Four”, namely BLACK SABBATH, URIAH HEEP, DEEP PURPLE and LED ZEPPELIN, on my RockIt Scientist show on Mix93.8fm. Joining me in the studio will be Mike “Spandex” Tymvios, Manie “The Hunk” (cough…!) Grove and Vivian “Farmboy” Bannatyne. We will be debating / arguing the merits of each band, and we will be asking YOU to send us your views and opinions, and to let us know which band is your preference, on our mini “Battle Of The Supergroups!” There will be give-away cds of each band, and one REALLY lucky listener, preferably female, although he doesn’t mind either way, will get to go on a date with our resident stud, the aforementioned MANIE. who, together with Mike and Viv, recently appeared as the centrefold in the new men’s magazine “Life After 60” :-)))If all goes well, we will be broadcasting from our new studios, which none of us know how to operate yet, so, between the great music, the usual risqué banter that will invariably make up much of the night, and the mistakes in the studio that are bound to happen, it should be a fun evening!! So: diary note: The RockIt Scientist show on Mix93.8fm, Friday 21 February, from 8pm! Audio streaming via “See” you then!

RockIt Scientist Tonight

No special feature on The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm tonight, just four hours of good old fashioned rock ‘n roll, blues, jazz, metal, prog, etc etc – a veritable feast of music to make your feet tap, your heart sing, and your brain drift off into some distant place, away from the trials, tribulations and negatives that seem to be taking up so much of our time and lives lately!! Hope you can join me, 8pm to midnight! Audio streaming via TUNE INNNNN!!

On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm last night:

The Angels from Angel City

The Angels from Angel City

01). West, Bruce & Laing – Why Dontcha
02). Free – Wishing Well
03). Spooky Tooth – I’m Alive
04). Titanic – Sea Wolf
05). Freedom – Get Yourself Together
06). Demon Thor – Pink Mary
07). Banchee – 38
08). Warm Dust – Mr. Media
09). Jade Warrior – Maenga Sketch
10). Osibisa – Y Sharp
11). Beckett – A Rainbow’s Gold
12). Midnight Sun – Living On The Hillside
13). McChurch Soundroom – Trouble
14). Altona – Ramadam
15). Whe Trees Leave Wolves – Highway To Hell And Back

16). Off The Edge – Takin’ It To Extremes (next Clint & Co / Off The Edge gig will be at the new Tanz Cafe on Sat 20 July. More details soon!)

17). Phil Culham / Glenne Meldrum – The Way You Are
18). Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (Live)
19). Laura Hollie – Hell Is For Children
20). Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues
21). Jericho – Ethiopea
22). Ten Years After – The Stomp
23). If – Fibonacci’s Number
24). Budgie – Breadfan
25). Big George & The Business – Wrong Side Of Town
26). Murky Red – Saturn
27). Saracen – Not For Sure (feat. Robin Beck)
28). Kal David – The Visit
29). Robin Trower – The Thrill Is Gone
30). John Lee Hooker – Mr. Lucky (died 21 June 2001)
31). Snowy White & The White Flames – No Faith Required
32). King Crimson – Epitaph
33). Gravy Train – Staircase To The Day
34). Camel – Never Let Go
35). Spring – Gazing
36). Beggars Opera – Time Machine
37). Colin James – Saviour
38). David Shelley & Bluestone – Price To Pay
39). Tony Joe White – I Want My Fleetwood Back
40). Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters – Happy

Special feature was on awesome Aussie rockers The Angels (Angels From Angel City).

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On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm last night

01). Traffic – Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys
02). Audience – House On The Hill
03). Andwella – I Got A Woman (aka Andwella’s Dream)
04). Caroline Edwards – Nice To Know You
05). Ornithos – This Is What We’ve Got
06). Alex Skolnick – War Pigs
07). Vital Information – Shagadelic Boogaloo
08). White Witch – Dwellers Of The Threshold / Help Me Lord
09). Hawkwind – The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)
10). Nektar – Crying In The Dark / King Of Twilight
11). Captain Beyond – I Can Feel Nothing
12). Sebastian Hardie – Glories Shall Be Released
13). Tank – After All
14). Accept – Kill The Pain
15). Aces High – In The Wink Of An Eye

A short tribute to vocalist JW Hodkinson, who passed away this week:

16). If – Child Of Storm
17). Wolf – The Envoy

18). Cita – Silent Soldiers
19). UFO – Natural Thing
20). Bluescream – Weak At The Knees
21). Legs Diamond – City Streets
22). Daemon – Jam, The Provider
23). Host – Profetens Ord
24). East – Fly Up Now
25). Geronimo Black – Low Ridin’ Man
26). Tucky Buzzard – Heartbreaker
27). Juicy Lucy – Pretty Woman
28). Truk – Gotta Find A Way
29). Triumph – Never Surrender
30). Rush – Chemistry
31). Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Running Wild
32). Alan Fox Band – I Got, I Want
33). Tommy Castro – Callin’ San Francisco
34). Dan Patlansky – Got My Geetar
35). Coco Montoya – Gotta Mind To Travel
36). KLII – True Fine Love
37). Novalis – Wer Schmetterlinge Lachen Hort
38). Grobschnitt – Symphony
39). Birth Control – This Song Is Just for You
40). Stray Dog – Crazy
41). Neil Merryweather – Give it Everything We Got
42). Fanny Adams – Yesterday Was TodaY
43). Glenn Hughes – Liar
44). Black Sabbath – The Shining

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Lighthouse on The RockIt Scientist Tonight

Lighthouse - One Fine Morning

Lighthouse – One Fine Morning

It’s LIGHTHOUSE time again!! They will be the hour-long special feature on my RockIt Scientist show tonight, between 8pm and midnight, on Mix93.8FM (audio streaming via or via the link, ). I will also be featuring a few tracks from the unbelievable new BLACK SABBATH album, “13”. See you then!

On The RockIt Scientist on Mix93.8fm on Friday Night, 31st May 2013

01). Richie Callison – Do I Know You
02). (Michael) Schenker / (Davey) Pattisson Summit – Pearly Queen
03). Deep Purple – Hell To Pay
04). Alan Fox Band – Waxahachie Whirlwind
05). Queensryche – Eyes Of A Stranger
06). House Of Spirits – In A Daze
07). Fates Warning – Through Different Eyes
08). Saga – The One
09). Savatage – Conversation Piece
10). Nightshade – Strange Aeons
11). Iron Maiden – Nomad
12). Dio – Straight Through The Heart
13). Rainbow – Stargazer
14). Vargas Blues Band – Beautiful Woman
15). Walter Trout – Go The Distance
16). Joanne Shaw Taylor – Going Home
17). Moody Marsden – Ozone Friendly
18). Peter Martinsson Group – Forgiven
19). Kal David – Say Yeah

Dedicated to guitarist OLLIE HALSALL, who died on 29 May 1992:

20). Tempest – Funeral Empire
21). Patto – How’s Your Father

22). Kaamos – Moments
23). Corvus Stone – Cinema
24). Dixie Hillbillies – The Devil Went Down To Georgia
25). Charlie Daniels Band – Even Up The Score
26). Unitopia – The Garden
27). Starglow Energy – Time Machine
28). Odin – Life Is Only
29). Hawkwind – You Shouldn’t Do That
30). Incredible Hog – Lame
31). Uriah Heep – Time To Live
32). Beggars Opera – Passacaglia
33). Budgie – Homicidal Suicidal
34). Ramases – Life Child
35). Rare Bird – Birdman
36). PFM – Celebration
37). Quidam – Deep River

Special feature was on “The Softer Side Of Rock, Blues, etc”

38). Hookfoot – Movies
39). Illusion – As Long As We’re Together
40). Renaissance – Midas Man
41). Budgie – Flowers In The Attic
42). BBM – Where In The World
43). Alan Parsons Project – Don’t Let It Show
44). Demon – Through These Eyes
45). Slamer – Strength To Carry On
46). Billy Cobham – Early Libra
47). String Driven Thing – To Know You Is To Love You
48). Rush – Different Strings
49). XYZ – What Keeps Me Loving You

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