David Blood Show Friday 29th January 2010

Tracks played in no particular order


Drive & Shuffle Alan Morse 4’20” 4 o’clock and Hysteria

Wasteland Michael Thompson 5’08” How Long

Big Moon Neal Schon 4’53” Beyond the Thunder

Chained Noiseworks 4’24” Touch

I’ve Got News For U Past Travers 3’28” Blues Tracks

Bad Company Paul Rodgers 5’21” Live in Glasgow

Waiting for Your Love Peter Frampton 7’29” PF Comes Alive Again

Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel 4’20” Peter Gabriel

Coming Back to Life Pink Floyd 6’19” The Division Bell

You’re Mama Don’t Dance Poison 3’00” Open Up and Say Aah

Closer to my Heart Ratt 4’30” Invasion Of Your Privacy

Blind my Eyes Redemption 5’55” The Origins Of Ruin

My Confession Richard Marx 5’09” Flesh & Bone

Stranger in this Town Richie Sambora 6’15” Richie Sambora

Saint Fire Ring of Fire 4’57” Lapse of Reality

Passion of Love Robben Ford 4’26” Robben Ford

Acting This Way Robert Cray Band 4’29” Don’t be Afraid of the Dark

Waiting on a Friend Rolling Stones 4’38” Rewind

Windswept Bryan Ferry 4’30” Boys and Girls

Cherish the Day Sade 6’37” Lover’s Live

Never Alone Saga 4’06” The Very Best of

I’ts not Over Starship 4’19” No Protection

I Need A Man to Love Me Janis Joplin 4’54” JJ’s Super Hits

Closer To The Truth Tony Joe White 6’34” Closer To The Truth

Don’t Chain my Heart Toto 4’46” Kingdom Of Desire

Texas Flood Jimmie Vaughn 5’22” Tribute to SRV

Blue Jean Blues ZZ Top 4’44” Best of ZZ Top

When a Blind Man Cries Deep Purple 3’31” 30 of their Very Best

Johnny Guitar Johnny Winter 3’27” Hey Where’s ur Brother

A Woman Left Lonely Maggie Bell 3’57” Queen of The Night

Speak to Me David Gilmore Live in Gdansk

Breathe David Gilmore Live in Gdansk

Time David Gilmore Live in Gdansk

Playlist – Monday 25 January 2010

Hi again

Sorry about the delay with this newsletter / play list. Our lines were down due to the tremendous amount of rain we’ve had these past few weeks!

Thanks to Rockfest presenter, Mike Tymvios, who has a show on Friday nights between 11pm and 01am, there’s a very good chance that 93.8FM might soon been broadcasting via audio streaming – I will keep you informed as to developments as they are known. This is an exciting development for 93.8FM, and the station is very grateful to Mike for his help with this.

If you haven’t bought your tickets for the Masters Of Rock concert, featuring Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Wishbone Ash, in late May, you need to move your butt – the tickets are selling pretty well! Thanks to Benjy Mudie, who is involved with the concert, I might be doing some live and telephonic interviews with Ian Gillan, Andy Powell and Mick Box, which you will be able to hear on The RockIt Scientist.

Remember that The RockIt Scientist is broadcast on 93.8FM every Monday night, between 9pm and midnight (this might be changing shortly – will keep you informed). Talking about interviews, had an excellent chat with talented blues/rock singer, Kathy Raven, about her career, gigs and her album, this past Monday. There’s also a possibility that she may be joining The Rockfest as a presenter.

Kevin Flee is no longer on the station (Monday midnight to 02am) – 93.8FM acknowledges and appreciates his contributions to The Rockfest., and Jurgen Becker may have to vacate his Wednesday 10 to midnight slot for a while due to work commitments.

If you listened to The RockIt Scientist on “those other radio stations” in the past, you might recall that I had quite an extensive website that was updated and maintained by Brian Currin. I’ve decided to “revive” that website, and Brian will shortly be making changes to it, in addition to adding current newsletters / play lists. If you’re keen to read up the old play lists, band biogs, recommendations, etc, etc, please visit the site. You’re also welcome to send me details of your top albums, guitarists, drummers, etc, and I’ll have them posted on the site


There have been a number of people wanting to know about The Rockfest, what it is, how it started, etc etc. If you check out the blog (www.rockfest.co.za), you’ll find a bit of history explaining the whole thing.

The RockIt Scientist – Play list – Monday 25 January – 21h00 to midnight

01. Blindside Blues Band – Raised on Rock, from “Raised On Rock”. 2010 – Grooveyard Records (stunning new album from guitarist/vocalist Mike Onesko, and featuring Emery Ceo on drums, Scott Johnson on guitar and Kier Staeheli on bass. This is the 8th studio album from Mike Onesko and the Blindside Blues Band, and it’s one of their best. Onesko is a highly regarded guitarist who sets high standards and has released albums under his own name as well as that of the Blindside Blues Band. One of the great, and essential, guitar albums to add to the collection. I’d previously featured a track fro the album prior to it’s release, erroneously calling the title of the album “World On Fire” – Apologies – my error – the correct title is “Raised On Rock” – the perfect title of an album with which to start a show like The RockIt Scientist!)

02. Dirty Dave Osti – Lit Again, from “Voodoo Guitar” 2010 – Grooveyard Records (one thing about Joe@Grooveyard, he sure has a knack, and an ear, for signing some really great guitarists to his label! Don’t know too much about this Los Angles based guitarist, but he’s seriously hot! Killer blues-based hard rock with some fantastic riffs. This power trio is made up of Dave Osti on guitar and vocals, Dave Batti on bass and Moyes Lucas on drums).

03. Hookfoot – Here I Come, from “Live In Memphis, USA,1972” 1972 – World Wide Records (Hookfoot were an excellent blues-based rock outfit, formed in the UK in 1969, out of the ashes of The Loot. The original members, Caleb Quaye on guitars, Ian Duck on guitars, vocals and harmonica, Roger Pope on drums and Dave Glover on bass, released their self-titled debut album in May 1971. All of the band members had previously worked on albums by Elton John and other DJM Records artists, almost being the “house band” for the label. A few line-up changes were made and a further three albums, plus a highly sought-after compilation called “Headlines”, were released before the band split in 1974. This previously unreleased recorded-for-radio brilliant live album captures the raw energetic power of this sadly overlooked band, perfectly)

04. Steamhammer – Hold That Train, from “Mountains”. 1970 – B&C Records (although maybe not as revered as the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After, Savoy Brown and others, Steamhammer were just as important, making some very memorable contributions to the exciting blues/ rock scene that was starting to flourish in the UK in the late sixties/early seventies. Formed in Worthing, Sussex in the late 60’s, the band released their debut album in 1968. The original members of the band were the now late Kieran White, on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Mike Rushton on drums, Steve Davy on bass and vocals, Martin Pugh on vocals and guitars, and Mike Quittenton on guitar. Quittenton joined Rod Stewart’s band. Rushton was replaced by Mick Bradley, and Louis Cennamo replaced Steve Davy. The band released four brilliant albums before splitting in 1972, following the death of Mick Bradley, from leukemia, that year. Pugh and Cennamo went on to form supergroup Armageddon, and Pugh later appeared with 7th Order. Steamhammer certainly are a group well worth investigating).

05. Chicken Shack – You Know Could Be Right, from “Unlucky Boy”. 1973 – Deram Records (there was Clapton, there was Page. There was Simmonds and there was Beck. And there was also Stan “The Man” Webb, probably one of the UK’s best, and most underrated blues/rock guitarists. An exceptionally gifted songwriter and guitar player, Webb, together with drummer Al Sykes and bassist Andy Sylvester, formed Chicken Shack in Birmingham in the mid 60’s. Joined by vocalist Christine Perfect in 1967, and signing to Blue Horizon Records, the band released their debut album, “Forty Blue Fingers Freshly Packed And Ready To Serve”, in 1968. Perfect left in August 1969 to join husband-to-be John McVie in Fleetwood Mac. Although they were arguably never the same force, Webb soldiered on with various new members, releasing albums of a consistently high standard. This album, which featured Bob Daisley, from Aussie band Kahvas Jute, later to join Ozzy and others, on bass, Chris Mercer of John Mayall and Juicy Lucy fame on saxes, Tony Ashton, of Aston, Gardner and Dyke, on piano, and Paul Hancox on drums. The second album for Deram Records, it was a slight deviation from the full-on blues that the band was known for, but the “rockier” feel suited them perfectly. Stan Webb has continued to perform and record to this day, and hopefully the global acclaim that would appear to have eluded him for so long will be forthcoming soon. After all, he ain’t a spring chicken!!)

06. If – Borrowed Time, from “Not Just Another Bunch Of Pretty Faces”. 1974 – Gull Records (for me, one of England’s best ever bands, whether they were playing the jazz/rock that made them famous everywhere except in their home country, or the more rock-inclined material that made up the bulk of this, and the following album, “Tea Break Is Over, Back On Yer ‘eads”.. Formed in the late 60’s by sax player / flautist Dick Morrissey and sax player Dave Quincy, and featuring an awesome line-up that was comprised of Terry Smith on guitar, Dennis Elliott on drums, John Mealing on keyboards, JW Hodkinson on vocals and Jim Richardson on bass, If were huge in Germany and the US, often being compared to Chicago, Blood Sweat & Tears and other similar bands. They released their debut album in 1970, and went on to release a further four albums with this line-up before major personnel changes occurred in 1973 when their “Double Diamond” album was released. Further line-up changes, with Morrissey being the only remaining original member, occurred when the now late Cliff Davies, drummer with Ted Nugent, bassist Walt Monaghan, ex-Freedom and Mick Abrahams Band, Gabriel Magno, keyboard player with the Amboy Dukes, together with ex-Roger Chapman guitarist Geoff Whitehorn, became what was to be the final line-up of this legendary band. They appeared on the band’s final two albums, both of which have excellent tracks, and are well worth checking out, as is every album ever released by If. Dennis Elliott became a founding member of Foreigner. Terry Smith and Dave Quincy formed Zzebra, JW Hodkinson had a stint with Darryl Way’s Wolf. John Mealing featured with Nucleus, and Dick Morrissey, who died in November 2000, joined Jim Mullen in the Morrissey Mullen Band).

07. Climax Blues Band – Mistress Moonshine, from “Shine On”. 1978 – Sire Records (one of the early bands of the British blues scene. Formed in Stafford in the UK in the late 60’s, they were initially known as Climax Chicago Blues Band, and their debut album released in 1969, was released under that name. After a minor issue with the US band Chicago over the name, the “Chicago” part was dropped and the band became known as Climax Blues Band, although they were also know as Climax Chicago.The initial line-up included Colin Cooper on sax and vocals, Peter Haycock on guitar and vocals, Derek Holt on bass, Richard Jones on bass and George Newsome, later replaced by John Cuffley, on drums. After a string of good but largely low key albums, they concentrated on the US market and did very well with “Couldn’t Get It Right”, probably their best known track, in 1976. Appearing on the album “Gold Plated”, this found the band flirting with funk more than with blues, and it worked well for them. They went on to record and perform well into the 80’s and 90’s, and are still around today. Sadly underrated, Climax Blues Band has released some really good material in their 40 year history and deserves a lot more attention. A track from their “Blues from the Attic” live album, recorded in the late 80’s, appears on the first Dinosaur Days CD, released in 1999. This album, incidentally, featured former NWOBHM band Demon’s guitarist, Les Hunt! Colin Cooper died in July 2008. The band is still performing to this day.).

08. Unicorn – Rat Race, from “Blue Pine Trees”. 1974 – Capitol Records (originally released in their home country on Charisma Records, the second album from this very pleasant UK country/folk band was probably the best of the four albums they released between 1971 and 1976. Formed by guitarist/vocalist/flautist Trevor Mee, drummer Peter Perrier, bassist Pat Martin and keyboard player/guitarist/vocalist Ken Baker, they released their excellent debut album, “Uphill All The Way’, in 1971. Pink Floyd’s guitarist, David Gilmour, played on some of their albums and produced some of their material).

09. Capability Brown – No Range, from “From Scratch”.1972 – Charisma Records (debut album from a fine band whose staple diet was mainstream rock with folk and prog leanings, not unlike early Rare Bird. They were another one of the many great bands doing the rounds in the UK who unfortunately released some great material, in their case on two albums and a compilation, but didn’t go too far. The featured track has some good flute work from guitarist/vocalist Tony Ferguson, evoking memories of the glory days of Gravy Train and Skin Alley. A sextet, the other members were Dave Nevis on keys, guitars bass and vocals, Graham White on vocals and guitars, Kenny Rowe on bass and vocals, Joe Williams on vocals and percussion and Roger Willis on drums, keyboards and vocals)

10. Them Crooked Vultures – Scumbag Blues, from “Them Crooked Vultures”. 2009 – RCA/Sony Music (Brand new band with the potential to get into the superglue league, super quick! Featuring drummer Dave Grohl, of Foo Fighters fame, with guitarist Joshua Home from Queens Of The Stone Age, together with veteran Zap bassist/keyboard player John Paul Jones, these guys are going to have the same impact as Chickenfoot, who won the prestigious Classic Rock Best New Band Award, had, in 2009. There’s something for everyone on this album. It’s accessible and commercial enough to easily find its way onto the charts, and onto radio, yet it’s also hard and bluesy enough to satisfy fans on the other side of the sphere. A band to watch with much interest).

11. Titanic –Tear Me Up, from “Ashes and Diamonds”. 2008 – Repertoire Records (the past ten years or so have seen many classic / legendary bands, such as Budgie, Juicy Lucy, Spooky Tooth and many others, reform, perform and release albums to satisfy the appetites of their legions of loyal fans. One such band is Titanic, one of the best bands to come out of Norway. Probably best known for their hits “Sultana”, “Rain 2000” and others, this very good band released a number of excellent albums that put them in the same league as many of their US, UK and other European contemporaries. Their music ranged from folk to heavy organ and guitar dominated prog, with some great vocals from Englishman Roy Robinson, with a bit of Latin percussion thrown in on the odd occasion. Basing themselves in France, and employing the services of a number of great French musicians, notably on the albums “Return Of Drakkar” and “Eye Of The Hurricane” in the late 70’s/early 80’s, Titanic enjoyed a period of relative fame, touring as far afield as Africa (not South Africa, unfortunately. We weren’t considered to be part of the world, in those dark days!). The band seemed to fold in the early 80’s. A frustratingly undated almost metal-ish album, “Lower The Atlantic”, featuring Robinson, together with original guitarist Jan Loseth, was released sometime in the early 90’s. It was actually quite a good album, but nothing further came of it and Titanic seemed to have sunk (sorry, couldn’t resist), once again. And then came the rains….I was overjoyed to read that the band had reformed and released a new album! Still featuring Roy Robinson and Jan Loseth, the new Titanic features Mick Walker on bass, Phil Wilton on sax and backing vocals, and Didier Blum on drums and backing vocals. It’s one of the better “reformation” albums that’ve been released in the last five years or so, and it demonstrates that the band have lost none of the class and quality that made them such a great band in their heyday. Who said Rock ‘n Roll is dead??)

12. Cliff Bennett’s Rebellion – Sandy Mary, from ‘’Cliff Bennett’s Rebellion”. 1971 – Repertoire Records (UK vocalist Cliff Bennett had previously been in Cliff Bennett And The Rebel Rousers, a rock’n roll/soul/R&B band, in the early to mid 60’s. Essentially a covers band, they became very popular and they appeared at many famous venues such as The Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. They released a number of high charting singles as well as several albums before The Rebel Rousers ground to a halt in 1969. Bennett then formed The Cliff Bennett Big Band, complete with a great horn section. This band toured and performed for about a year before Bennett decided to try his hand in the hard rock/prog/blues field by forming Toe Fat, which featured future Uriah Heep members Lee Kerslake and Ken Hensley. Toe Fat released two good, and now quite collectible albums before splitting in 1971. Kerslake and Hensley left Toe Fat, and asked Bennett to join them in Uriah Heep. He declined, a big regret in his life. He then formed Cliff Bennett’s Rebellion, and this album, with John Gray on bass, Mark Kluczynski on harmonica and flute, Derek Weir on percussion and Robert Smith on guitar, was released. Bennett later formed a band called Shanghai, but nothing came of it, and he left the music industry. He was enticed to come back into the music scene, and in the early 2000’s, Cliff Bennett, one of the UK’s great vocalists, was back on track.

13. Sweathog – Hallelujah, from “Hallelujah”. 1972 – Retro Disc International (this was one of those “Have the first album, know the band, know of the album, but have never seen it on vinyl” situations. Until it was released on cd a few years ago, that is! On a Spanish label, of all things, too! The song titles are out of sync with the tracks, but what the heck – it’s just great to finally have and hear an album that’s eluded me for so many years! It was well worth the wait. Sweathog were a short–lived US blues rock outfit who released their debut album on CBS Records in 1971. In fact, a track from the album appeared on the CBS Compilation “Fill Your Head With Rock”. The members were Lenny Lee Goldsmith on keyboards and vocals, Dave Johnson on bass and vocals, Bob Jones on guitar and vocals, and Bartholomew “Frosty” Frost on drums. Highly recommended, there are elements of country, gospel, blues and hard rock on the album, with some great keyboard and guitar bits.

14. Bedlam – The Beast, from “Bedlam”. 1973 – Chrysalis Records (if you are a hard rock fan, this is one of those “must have” albums. From beginning to end, it’s everything and more you’d expect to hear on an early-70’s album that features world class drummer Cozy Powell, with production by Mountain bassist Felix Pappalardi. Evolving out of a UK band called Big Bertha, which featured vocalist Peter French, later of Atomic Rooster, Leafhound, Cactus and Randy Pie fame, together with Dennis Ball on bass and vocals, and Dave Ball on guitar, they were joined by vocalist Frank Aiello, who had replaced original Big Bertha singer, David McTavish . The resulting album, the sole official studio recording, is considered by many serious fans to be one of the greatest rock albums to be released in the UK. Dave Ball’s guitar work is superb, as is Cozy Powell’s drumming, with Dennis Ball providing a solid bass line throughout. Aiello was a revelation – it’s a pity not much is known about his career. A live Bedlam album, as well as Bertha And Friends and Bedlam anthologies, are also available. Cozy Powell, one of the greatest and most respected drummers in the world, having worked with the likes of MSG, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake and a host of others, was killed in a car accident on April 5th, 1998)


15. Warhorse – Burning, from ‘‘Warhorse”. 1970 – Vertigo Records (As was the case with Bedlam, Warhorse were another fantastic British band that unfortunately didn’t last too long. Formed in the early 70’s by bassist Nick Simper, who had been a founding member of Deep Purple, they signed to the prestigious Vertigo label and released this awesome debut album in 1970. The initial line-up was Ashley Holt on vocals, Ged Peck on guitar, Frank Wilson on keyboards and Mac Poole on drums, together with Simper. They were apparently quite popular in Germany, where they toured regularly. Their second album, “Red Sea”, which featured new guitarist Peter Parker, was a lot more guitar orientated, and it featured a fantastic version of Shirley Bassey’s I (Who Have Nothing). Released in 1972, it proved to be the band’s final album, although some tracks for a mooted third album, produced by Yes’s Rick Wakeman, were recorded. These appeared as bonus tracks on later CD releases of the two aforementioned albums. Warhorse finally split in 1974. Nick Simper and Peter Parker formed Fandango, Ashley Holt joined Rick Wakeman’s band, Mac Poole was in Broken Glass. Nick Simper also appeared with the reformed Quartermass in the 90’s)


16. Argent – Be My Lover, Be My Friend, from “All Together Now”. 1971 – Epic Records (Argent were a keyboard and guitar-orientated rock/prog rock outfit put together by keyboard player Rod Argent, previously with The Zombies. Guitarist/vocalist Russ Ballard and drummer Rob Henrit, both previously with The Roulettes, and Rod Argent’s cousin, Jim Rodford, joined on bass. The self-titled debut album, released on CBS Records, was released in 1970. Rod Argent had established himself as one of the UK’s leading keyboard players, and this was pretty apparent on later albums, especially on the epic “Encore” double live album, released in 1974. They had a number of charting singles, the best probably being “Hold Your Head Up, which was covered by a number of other bands, notably Uriah Heep. Russ Ballard left the band to embark on a successful solo career in 1974. He was replaced by two guitarists, John Verity and John Grimaldi, both of whom appeared on Argent’s final two albums, “Circus” and “Counterpoint” in 1974 and 1975. Rod Argent also later embarked on a solo career).

17. Blindstone – Keep The Rock Alive, from “Rise Above”. 2010 – Grooveyard Records (Brilliant third album of killer guitar riffs from this Danish power trio. These guys have got the riff-thing down to a fine art, and they do it so well! The band is made up of Martin. J. Andersen on guitar and vocals, Jesper Bunk on bass and Anders Huidtfeldt on drums. The album also features guest appearances by Ty Tabor (of Kings X fame), and Danish guitarist Poul Halberg. Another excellent release from Grooveyard Records – www.grooveyard.com).

18. Mountain Of Power – Checkin’ It Out / Sister Madness, from “Volume Two”. 2010 – Grooveyard Records (The cover alone is worth the price of this awesome CD! Swedish power hard rock outfit, consisting of Janne Stark on guitar & bass, and TrumPeter Svensson and James Collins on drums. They deliver what must rate as one of THE guitar-based blues/hard rock albums of the year so far. It’s essentially an album of covers, by bands / artists as diverse as Pat Travers, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, ZZ Top, and, in the case of the featured track, Ozz, whose music is nigh impossible to find! Highly recommended)

19. Rhino Bucket – Justified, from “The Hardest Town”. 2009 – Acetate Records (some call them the US answer to AC/DC, which just about sums them up. This solid, riff heavy US outfit, who were formed in California, exploded onto the scene with their awesome eponymous album in 1990. They released two further albums before folding in the mid 90’s, only to re-appear 12 years later with their brilliant “And Then It Got Ugly” album, in 2006. One of the songs on this album, “Welcome To Hell”, featured in the movie “The Wrestler”. This great new album, which features Reeve Downes on bass, Georg Dolivo on guitar and vocals, Simon Wright on drums and Brian Forsythe on lead guitar, is perfect for getting into your car on a long journey, turning the volume up to full, and letting the music take you to Rock ‘n Roll heaven! They may not be as popular or as well known as AC/DC, but they sure give Angus and the boys a serious run for their money!)

20. Starz – Coliseum Rock / It’s A Riot, from “Coliseum Rock”. 1978 – Capitol Records (now here is a band who would appear to have been overlooked by many people who were into the great rock bands of the mid 70’s/early 80’s. Formed in the US in 1975, the initial members were bassist Peter Sweval, drummer Joey X Dube and guitarist Brendan Harkin. Recruiting vocalist Michael Lee Smith and second guitarist Richie Ranno, they secured a deal with Capitol Records, and their self-titled debut album was released to critical acclaim in 1976. They toured the US prolifically and even had a few minor hits, but success and major fame eluded them, and they folded in 1980, after having released four very good, but sadly overlooked albums. A number of live albums and compilations were issued in the mid to late 80’s. The band regrouped for a few concerts in 2005, and a double live album, “Come Out At Night – Live In Ohio”, was released in 2006. A really good band, they deserved more, and better.

Remember that much of the music featured on The Rockfest on 93.8 FM can be purchased at Look & Listen stores. If they don’t have it in stock, they can order it for you. Look & Listen has the widest range of cds, dvds, games and accessories.

If you have received this newsletter / play list in error, or if you would prefer not to receive them, please let me know (leon@rock.co.za)

Have a good week!





The Rockfest

We’ve had many people enquiring about what The Rockfest is, and how it came about. The following intro will give you some idea of what/who we are, and what we do.

The Rockfest was born about 5 years ago.

When I approached the CEO of 1485AM Radio Today, Dr. Ivan May, with the view to presenting a classic rock show on the Rosebank-based community station, he was quite happy with the idea, and I started presenting a three hour show on a Friday night, repeated on a Wednesday night.

After having presented my show, dubbed “The RockIt Scientist”, for a few months on Radio Today, it dawned on me that there were a number of other presenters, all of whom were household names in their own right, whose talents and personalities were being wasted by them not being on air anymore, having been “discarded” by the major radio stations, who felt that they were either too “old”, or that their music taste and presentation was “old fashioned”. I had previously worked with Chris Prior, Phil Wright and Rafe Lavine on various other radio shows / stations since the early 80’s, and I thought that they would be very happy to be able to come back on air, onto a radio station that had no prescribed playlists or restrictions, and feature the music that made them so famous in South Africa. Dr. May agreed to this, and I approached Phil, Rafe, Chris and David Blood, all of whom were indeed happy to be on air, playing the music they love.

When the various shows started, from Friday through Monday, I called it The Rockfest. The idea of the concept was that you could listen to seasoned, knowledgeable, and in the case of the aforementioned four individuals, very professional presenters, featuring unplaylisted, unrestricted music, mainly in the jazz, blues and specifically, classic rock fields, thereby bringing back the glory days of radio when presenters had free choice of the music they wanted to play. The emphasis was on the music, but it also allowed the presenter’s personality and knowledge to be a factor in the presentation, unlike playlisted, formatted shows where the role of the presenter has been relegated to that of a “talking head”.

The Rockfest grew. After a while, I had brought on nearly 15 presenters, males and females, seven nights a week, all playing various forms of music, once again, free of restrictions. All the presenters were unpaid volunteers, doing it for the passion, and love, of music. The Rockfest became quite popular, and we staged three Rockfest gigs, at various venues, the intention being to market Radio Today and The Rockfest, as well as to highlight and promote South African artists / bands that, by virtue of the fact that they play non-commercial music, seldom get airplay in this country. The Rockfest on Radio Today came to an abrupt end in February 2009. Management ended it in a particularly cavalier and brutal fashion, but that’s another story!

Then, in early December 2009, The Rockfest found a new home, in 93.8FM Midrand Stereo. It happened just as quickly as it ended on Radio Today, and I approached many of the original Rockfest presenters, a number of whom have elected to come on board. Station manager Richard Jones and consultant Hanz Stricker have adopted the non-formatted playlist approach for the evening (Rockfest) presenters, and, once again, from 8pm til late, classic rock / progressive rock / alternative / metal / blues / 80’s rock and even 70’s disco, can be heard on the station, seven nights a week. There are a number of new presenters, many of whom have never been on radio before, but all the presenters have a common goal: to play the best possible music on 93.8FM, thus ensuring that the station is one of the very few in the country that caters for the more mature, discerning music lover who is tired of being spoonfed a daily diet of commercial pop, rap, R&B, etc, that forms the playlists of most other radio stations.

Each presenter is strongly encouraged to feature South African music on their shows, and, in many cases, the presenters are conducting interviews with South African bands / artists. The Rockfest is also going to be, in conjuction with Benjy Mudie, heavily involved in promoting the Monsters of Rock concert, featuring Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash, in late April. I will be doing live and telephonic interviews with various band members from all three bands, on my RockIt Scientist show in due course. It’s also my intention to restart the Rockfest gigs, and I already have a large number of bands, known and not-so-well-known, that are keen to perform under the banner of The Rockfest on 93.8FM.

The Rockfest has a website / blog (www.rockfest.co.za), and many of the presenters’ playlists can be seen on the site. The interest in The Rockfest is starting to build up again, and we are all very grateful that Steve Milo, Richard Jones and Hanz Stricker have given us the opportunity, and the means, to get The Rockfest back on the road, and on the air.

There is also a strong possibility that 93.8FM will have audio streaming in the near future, and it’s the station’s intention to approach DSTV for an audio signal, thus affording listeners throughout the country the opportunity of hearing the broadcasts.

The Rockfest line-up on 93.8fm Midrand Stereo is currently as follows:


8 – 9pm – Linda Sue (80’s/90’s rock/metal)

9 – midnight – Leon Economides (classic/progressive/Latin rock/metal/brass rock/blues/folk/Southern rock/jazz)

Midnight – 02am – TBA


8 – 10pm – Ingrid Botha (classic rock/metal/AOR)

10pm – midnight – Lesley Wright (MOR/rock/80’s/70’s disco)

Midnight – 02am – Greg Tucker (Industrial/alternative)


8 – 10pm – Phil Wright (metal/blues/classic rock)

10pm – midnight – Jurgen Becker (classic rock/alternative/new wave)

Midnight – 02am – Renier Coetzee (classic rock/metal)


8 – 10pm – Tamara Jeunette (Industrial/alternative/goth/metal)

10pm – midnight – TBA ( possibly blues singer/songwriter/guitarist Kathy Raven – will confirm shortly – will feature SA rock/blues)

Midnight – 02am – Frank Heydenrych (classic rock/progressive/metal)


6 – 8pmRosemary Royeppen (classic rock/jazz/blues/funk)

8 – 11pm – David Blood (classic rock/blues/AOR)

11 – 01am – Mike Tymvios (classic rock/metal/80’s)


8 – 10pm – Max Aston (classic rock/progressive rock/folk rock/Southern rock)

10 – midnight – Aris Binikos (70’s disco/funk)

Midnight – 02am – Andre Durand (classic rock/metal)


8 – 11pm – Robert Laing (South African rock/metal/blues)

11 – 01am – Rick Gardiner (hard rock/metal)

Leon Economides (0824402836)

Playlist – Linda Sue – Monday 24 January 2010


I’ve recently become one of the lucky few, a member of (THE CLAN) The Rockfest family. My show is on a Monday evening between 8 and 9. I will be focusing on the Seventies and Eighties rock scene, paying tribute to the pioneers of Rock. My show’s name is BACK TO THE FUTURE. I have a passion for music. Music is unconditional – it speaks to one’s soul. There’s something for everybody, the MEAN MR MUSTARDS, THE GENTLE GIANTS, THE “LEOPARD SKINNARD” (!!) -some useful info: I renamed our Rockfest coordinator – Mr. Leon Economides – for his love for dressing himself in safari-suits!!) THE “I GET WEAK IN THE PRESENCE OF BEAUTY,” GUYS, THE “MAMA I LOVE U” GUYS AND THE “INDECENT OBSESSION” GUYS! Folks, the possibilities are infinite!!!


MY PLAYLIST FOR MONDAY THE 24th of January, 2010.

















1. The Doors

Alabama Song

Off The Best of the Doors

2. David Bowie


Off the Best of David Bowie

3. James Taylor


4. Carlos Santana

Open Invitation

5. Rodriguez


Off “Cold Fact”



Off “one step in Rock and One step in the Blues”





Off The Best Of Van Morrisen


Start Me Up


Live and Let Die

Off the soundtrack “ Grosse Point Blanc”




We didn’t start the fire.

13. CCR-

Fortunate Son


Rock’n Roll Part 2

Off the soundtrack the “THE FULL MONTY”


Angry Cockroaches

OFF the sound track “From Dusk Till Dawn”



Off the cd The best of “Frat Rock”


White Rabbit

Off the soundtrack “PLATOON”

18. Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood


Off album live at Madison Square Garden


Rainy Day Woman

Off the Best Of Dylan


Highway Star



Off the Clash “ Singles”


Stairway to Heaven

Off the album Rodrogo y Gabriella


Move Over

Off the Best Of Janis Joplin


Oh Yeah

Off the Best Of Roxy Music



Playlist – Monday 18 January 2010

Hello again

I hope you’re enjoying the fantastic spread of music you can hear on The Rockfest on 93.8FM Midrand Stereo. As you by now probably know, you can hear anything from classic rock to metal and blues on the station, seven nights a week, from 8pm til late.

There are one or two presenter line-up changes that are to take place shortly – will keep you posted. Kevin Stuart (Thursday 10pm to midnight) has left the station – we’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for his time and for sharing his music with us.

Remember that if you’re interested in advertising on the station, you can contact either Richard (citizenjones02@gmail.com), Hanz (hanzstricker@polka.co.za) or Brett (brettjettt@gmail.com)

If you’re keen to subscribe to the blog, please visit (http://rockfest.co.za) and use the easy form on the right-hand side bar.

A number of people have requested that I provide more info, where possible, on the various bands/artists featured on The RockIt Scientist, in these playlists/newsletters. Time permitting, I will, but this may not always be the case. The following playlist took over eight hours to compile, so at least READ the damned thing before deleting it!!:)))

And if you have any gigs or happenings that you’d like us to advertise / promote, please feel free to let me have the details (leon@rock.co.za)

A bit of sad news: I learnt, this past week, thanks to Pasi Koivu, that John Heyworth, guitarist for UK late 60’s / early 70’s prog outfit, Cressida, who I featured on The RockIt Scientist a few weeks ago, passed away last week. He was one of the founding members of the band and he appeared on the debut album, released on Vertigo Records, in 1970. He left the band and was replaced by John Culley, who appeared on the band’s second and final album, “Asylum”, which was also released on Vertigo Records, in 1971. Both albums are prime examples of everything that was good about the prog scene in the UK in the late 60’s / early 70’s.

In our never ending quest to highlight and promote good, original South African music, I had the pleasure of having the attractive and dynamic Nelda in the studio with me, and our own lovely Linda Sue sat in on the interview. Nelda recently released her debut solo album, “Baklei Vir My”, (”Fight For Me”) (David Gresham Records – DGR 1738). This very talented and versatile singer has been known to belt out some serious rockers, and there are one or two of them on this English / Afrikaans release, which is available at music stores such as Look & Listen. She has the look, the style, the class, the voice and the talent to go very far, and her band is pretty good too (visit www.nelda.co.za)

The RockIt Scientist – Monday 18 January 2010 – 21h00 to midnight

01. Tower Of Power – Soul With A Capital “S”, from “Soul Vaccination: TOP Live”. 1998 – Sony Music (the greatest soul band in the world, with a horn section to die for! Still around today, with Emilio Castillo, Doc Kupka, Rocco Prestia and David Garibaldi not having souled out! Also check out their excellent new release, “Great American Soulbook” – TOP Records)

02. Heavy Metal Horns – Sinner In The Mirror, from “4:20 In The Land Of Plenty”. 1999 – Danger Records (Perfect name for a band if you enjoy metal and brass rock! This very tight US soul / funk/ brass rock outfit is similar in style to Blood, Sweat & Tears and Tower Of Power. Know of four albums)

03. CTA– I’m A Man, from “Full Circle”. 2006 – CTA Records (CTA, abbreviation for California Transit Authority, is a brass rock outfit – with “guest” horn players – put together by ex-Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine and guitarist Marc Bonilla, of Glenn Hughes fame..The album features respected musicians such as keyboard player Ed Roth, Tower Of Power vocalist Larry Braggs, bassist Mick Mahan and Peter Fish, also on keys. They do a number of Chicago covers. And exceptionally well, too!)

Interview with Nelda, together with Linda Sue. Eat your heart out.

04. Nelda – Stand Up

05. Nelda – Born To Be Your Baby

06. Nelda – Like This

07. Nelda– Ek Haat…

All the tracks featured are from her debut solo album, “Baklei Vir My”, released in September / October 2009.

08. Abraxas Pool – Cruzin’, from “Abraxas Pool”. 1997 – Miramar Productions (you could say that this is basically Santana without Carlos. Tremendous Latin Rock album, featuring keyboard player Gregg Rolie – who has a new live album out, drummer Mike Shrieve,

percussionists Mike Carabello and Jose “Chepito” Areas, bassist Alphonso Johnson, and one of the greatest guitarists in the world, Neal Schon. There is only one thing wrong with this band: they only made the one album!)

09. Tribe Of Gypsies – Puro Party, from “Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants”. 2000 – Victor Entertainment (any band with guitarist Roy Z has got to be good. Known for his work with Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Driver, Rob Halford, etc, this exceptionally good guitarist formed this Latin Rock / Metal band in the late 90’s. Any /all of their five albums is / are worth adding to the collection. Latin Rock is already highly infectious: these guys take it into the “must have” league)

10. Malo – Street Man, from “Evolution”. 1973 – Warner Bros. Records (probably the best album put out by this legendary Latin Rock outfit who were formed by Carlos’s brother, Jorge Santana, and vocalist Arcelio Garcia, back in the early 70’s. A popular live attraction at Bill Graham’s Fillmore, they were blessed with a very powerful horn section, coupled to an excellent rhythm section. Sort of Santana on ‘roids, but better. They’re still around today, led by Arcelio Garcia, as the only original member, and are sounding as good as ever).

11. El Chicano – Zaire, from “The Best Of Everything”. 1975 – MCA Records (with some phenomenal guitar work from Mickey Lespron and Jerry Salas, who released a great solo album, called “Salas”, in 2006. Formed in East Los Angeles in the late 60’s, El Chicano were one of the pioneers of the Latin Rock movement. Excellent keyboard work (by Bobby Espinosa) and percussion / drums (Rudy Regalado, Andre Baeza and John DeLuna), together with a solid bass foundation (Joe Perreira and Freddie Sanchez), were the hallmarks of this legendary band. They reformed a few years ago and released a new live dvd, called “In The Eye Of The Storm”)

12. Jim Capaldi – Let The Thunder Cry, from “Let The Thunder Cry”.1981 – Jet Records (9th solo album from Traffic’s drummer. He released his first solo album back in 1972, and went on to release around 15 albums. He was also part of the Traffic reformation – with Steve

Winwood – and he appeared on 1994’s “Far From Home” album. He passed away in January 2005).

13. Jim Morrison – Awake, from “An American Prayer – Music By The Doors”.1978 – Elektra Records (a posthumously released album of poems and songs written by the late Jim Morrison, with music performed by Doors musicians Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robby Krieger, together with bassists Bob Glaub and Jerry Scheff. Quite a controversial album, it nonetheless cemented Morrison’s reputation as a disturbed but extremely gifted and uncompromising individual. The Doors have reformed, with Ian Astbury, of The Cult, in Morrison’s place. An interesting replacement.

14. XIT– Reservation Of Education, from “Without Reservation”. 2002 – Warrior Records (evolving out of blues/rock outfit Lincoln Street Exit, this Navajo Nation rock outfit were well known for their “tell it like it is” emotive and very poignant lyrics, mainly written by Tom Bee, as well as their solid rock foundation, complete with orchestration and ethnic percussion. They released five albums and were quite popular in Europe. They resurfaced in the late 90’s, recording this live album, which has also been released on dvd, in 2002)

15. Gamma – Four Horsemen, from “Gamma 2”. 1980 – Elektra Records (exceptionally good US hard rock outfit put together by guitarist Ronnie Montrose and vocalist Davey Pattison, and featuring drummer Denny Carmassi and synth player Jim Alcivar, both of whom had been with Montrose in his own band, Montrose, and bassist Glen Letsch. They released three critically acclaimed studio albums plus a great live album before folding in the early 80’s. Pattison went on to feature with Robin Trower. Ronnie Montrose released a host of solo albums, some crossing into jazz fusion territory. One of the world’s great guitarists, he reformed Gamma in the late 90’s and released “Gamma 4”. This album featured Jean-Michel Byron, the SA singer who had previously worked with Toto, on backing vocals)

16. Pipedream – Lies, from “Pipedream”. 1979 – Label Not Shown(this short-lived US band had the potential to go really far. Vocalist Willie Daffern had previously been with Hunger, Truk and Captain Beyond. Guitarist Ben Schultz, from Buddy Miles’s band and KGB, bassist Tim Bogert from Cactus and Beck, Bogert and Appice, and drummer Jan Uvena from Alcatrazz. It’s not clear if this great album was ever officially released. Willie Daffern – aka Willie Dee, also appeared with Gary Moore in G Force, ZoomLenZ, and others).

17. Gamalon – Billy’s Saloon, from ‘‘Gamalon”.1987 – Amherst Records (the drumming and guitar work on this debut album from Ted Reinhardt, Bruce Brucato and George Puleo (who has been replaced by an amazing female guitarist called Nori Bucci)is unbelievably good, as is the contribution from bassist Tom Reinhardt. Gamalon were a US guitar-based fusion/rock band of the highest order. A mostly-instrumental only band, they released around six albums, including an excellent live effort. For fans of early Mastermind and Cosmosquad).

18. Rush – La Villa Strangiato, from “Hemispheres”. Mercury Records – 1978 (Canada’s Music Ambassadors have been around since 1970, when they were formed by guitarist Alex Lifeson, bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee and drummer John Rutsey, who died in May 2008. This line-up appeared on the band’s self-titled debut, released in 1974. Enter Neil Peart, who was not only a fantastic drummer, but a songwriter and lyricist of note. Subsequent releases cemented the band’s fast growing reputation as one of the most popular acts in the world. The musicianship is flawless, as is the songwriting. Despite various tragedies and setbacks, the band are still a major force in the rock / prog rock world and are still releasing material to this day)

19. Threshold – Oceanborn, from “Hypothetical”. 2001 – InsideOut Records (unquestionably one of England’s best progressive metal bands. They’ve been around since the early 90’s. Plagued with drummer and vocalist problems, they’ve nonetheless managed to record and release albums of a consistently high standard. Original members members Karl Groom, Nick Midson, Jon Jeary and Richard West, appear on this album, together with drummer Johanne James and vocalist Andrew “Mac” McDermott. Original vocalist Damian Wilson has apparently rejoined the band. If you don’t know Threshold, and you enjoy quality progressive metal, you need to get to acquaint yourself with these guys).

20. Star One – Set Your Controls, from “Space Metal”. 2002 – InsideOut Records (a conceptual space metal project, with a doff of the cap to Space Rock masters Hawkwind and Space Oddity-era David Bowie, this album was put together by Dutch multi-instrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen, who is an extremely talented, and busy musician. Probably best known for his work with Ayreon, he has also featured with Stream Of Passion, Vengeance, Ambeon and a host of others, his latest work being with Guilt Machine. Surrounding himself with some astounding musicians and vocalists, Lucassen delivered one of the best prog metal albums of 2002 with this masterpiece).

21. Eric Norlander– Fly, from “Into The Sunset”. 2000 – Transmission Records (keyboard player and producer of note, Eric Norlander, of Rocket Scientists fame, is also married to the Queen of Symphonic / Progressive rock, Lana Lane. This was his second (?) solo album, and he was accompanied by some serious talent, in the form of Arjen Anthony Lucassen on guitars, Tony Franklin on bass, Greg Ellis on drums and vocalists Glenn Hughes, Lana Lane, Edward Reekers and Robert Soeterboek. Norlander has an array of keyboards that bring back the glory days of Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Duncan Mackay and others. And he sure knows how to play them!)

22. Livin’ Blues – Divin’ Duck Blues, from “Rockin’ The Tweedmill”. 1973 – Phillips Records (Holland has produced some amazing musicians and bands, of all genres. Livin’ Blues were certainly close to the top of the pile. Probably best known for their stand-out “Blue Breeze” album, their earlier material was equally as good. “Rockin’ The Tweedmill”, recorded in the UK, was undoubtedly one of their best releases. Led by original musicians, vocalist Nicko Christiansen, guitarist Ted Oberg and harmonica player John Lagrand, they delivered an album that could quite easily hold it’s head up with releases by the greats of the era, such as Savoy Brown, Chicken Shack and the Climax Blues Band). Christiansen has since revived the band, and they are touring and recording as Livin’ Blues Xperience.

23. Aunt Mary – Upside Down, from “Loaded”. 1972 – Vertigo Records (2nd album from one of Norway’s best bands. Formed in 1970, they recorded and released their self-titled debut album in Denmark in 1971. Essentially a heavy blues band, they did, however, draw influences from the likes of prog kings ELP and King Crimson. They unfortunately disbanded at the end of 1973, having released three very good, and collectible albums. They reformed in 1980 and recorded a great “Live Reunion” album, but nothing further came of this reunion, and they folded again. 1992 saw them reforming once again, with much of the original line-up, and they released ”Bluesprints” that year.

24. AUM – You Can’t Hide, from “Bluesvibes”. Red Fox Records – 1969 (although sounding very dated, this debut blues/psych album from this US trio has a certain charm that is indicative of the exciting blues/rock scene that was starting to surface in the US at the time. Similar in style to Illinois Speed Press and Raven, AUM released a second, highly collectible album called ‘’Resurrection” before splitting in 1970).

25. Eloy –Age Of Insanity, from “Visionary”. 2009 – Artist Station Records (German prog outfit Eloy’s roots go back to 1971, when they were formed in Essen. Taking their name from H.G.Wells’ “Time Machine”, they released their debut album that year. Initially adopting a classic heavy rock feel, similar to Jethro Tull, Deep Purple and Uriah Heep, they soon branched into a more symphonic / progressive rock style. Led by guitarist/ vocalist Frank Bornemann, the band released many great albums, well into the 80’s, including the soundtrack to the movie “Codename Wildgeese”. They seemed to go into limbo on a few occasions, surfacing with another great release every now and then. This new album is one example of the “resurrection” of this fantastic band. Bornemann, together with long-time members Michael Gerlach – keys, Klaus-Peter Matziol – bass, Hannes Folberth on additional keys, and Bodo Schoff on drums, deliver what must rate as one of the top prog albums of 2009).

26. Ramses – War, from “La Leyla”. 1976 – Sky Records (emerging on the wrong side of the Kraut Rock movement, Ramses were nonetheless a very competent German prog outfit who could hold their own with many of their contemporaries. “Accused” at times of sounding too Anglo-American, their Yes and Starcastle- influenced brand of symphonic prog won them few fans amongst the Kraut Rock diehards, although all their albums certainly do deserve some credit. They split in the early 80’s after having released three albums. They reformed in the early 90’s and again in 2000, with new albums being released with each reformation)

27. Virus – King Heroin, from “Thoughts”. 1971 – Pilz Records (this sadly little-known German outfit were formed in Bielefeld in 1970. Taking a lot of influences from “Saucerful Of Secrets”–era Pink Floyd, they were similar in style to Gila and Tangerine Dream, but with a bit more vooma. Their debut album, “Revelation”, had a fantastic and very “cosmic” adaptation of the Stones’ “Paint It Black”. After its release, some of the band members went on to form Weed, which, incidentally, featured Ken Hensley on guitars , vocals and keyboards.New members were recruited, and they appeared on the featured album. Listen to the lyrics of the track carefully – if you’ve ever contemplated toying with heroin, you’ll think twice before messing with that stuff, or any other, for that matter! Stick to rock ‘n roll, rather! A third, previously unreleased album, with new and live tracks, recorded in April 1973, called “Remember”, was released in 2004)

If you are struggling to find rarities, especially those of the Kraut rock bands, there are various mail order companies, such as Green Brain (www.green-brain.krautrock.de), that specialize in this kind of music.

And remember, for the guitar-god worshipper, you won’t find a better site than www.grooveyard.com Joe has released some INCREDIBLE killer riff music on his highly respected label. Coming up this week on The RockIt Scientist, some brand new releases from Blindside Blues Band, Mountain Of Power, Blindstone and others. Be prepared to be blown away!

Look & Listen also has access to, and can order, almost anything you want. They have stores countrywide, and you can also order online (www.lookandlisten.co.za)




RICK GARDINERS “RICKY HORROR SHOW” – Sunday 17 January 2010 23h00-01h00

1.WHITESNAKE- Still Of The Night 1987 1987 (Liberty)

2.HELLOWEEN- The Departed THE DARK RIDE 2000(Nuclear Blast)

3.AXEL RUDI PELL- The Gates Of The Seven Seals OCEANS OF TIME 1998 (Steamhammer)

4.BRAINSTORM- Fading SOUL TEMPTATION 2003 (Metal Blade)


6.HOUSE OF SPIRITS- Close To The Edge TURN OF THE TIDE 1994 (Gun)

7.EPICA- Chasing The Dragon THE DIVINE CONSPIRACIES 2007 (Nuclear Blast)

8.ASIA- Soul Survivor ASIA 1982 (Geffen)

9.DOCTOR BUTCHER- The Altar DOCTOR BUTCHER 1994 (Black Lotus)

10.AXXIS- Blood Angel DOOM OF DESTINY 2007 (AFM)

11.BLACK SABBATH- Kill In The Spirit World HEADLESS CROSS 1989 (IRS)


13.FOREIGNER- Heart Turns To Stone INSIDE INFORMATION 1987 (Atlantic)

14.FATES WARNING- Ivory Gate Of Dreams STILL LIFE 1998 (Metal Blade)


16.ROB ROCK- When Darkness Reigns HOLY HELL 2005 (AFM)